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Help Save Parma Trails
Parma trails in Ohio are at risk of being shut down. The locals put together a petition to sign to hopefully keep the trails up and running that everyone should sign and pass on to their friends! Click here to sign the petition.
New Shirts From Hoffman
These are two new shirts from Hoffman. The first is the "Make Party" shirt that was designed by Jeremie Infelise. The next is the Circle Logo shirt in youth sizes. Click here to get more info on these designs on the Hoffman site.
Jim C & Jake Seeley Talk Luc-E Grinds
Defgrip posted a video piece with Jim C and Jake Seeley talking about Luc-E grinds. Click here to gain some knowledge on one of the hottest tricks out there.
Kevin Robinson On The Late Show Tonight
Kevin Robinson is going to be a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Apparently Dave and Kevin are going to have a high air contest. Not sure how that's going to work, but if you're still awake this will definitely be worth ... more »
Sunday Team Talks Mexico
The Sunday team recently took a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico and Chad Shack asked the crew a few questions about the trip and their overall Mexico experience. Click here to check out the interviews courtesy of Defgrip.
Josh Hult Ad From Redline
This spot is really close to my house and this trick is insane. Feeble-to-whip on a wall in the ditch near Anthem skatepark in beautiful Henderson, NV. Click here to see it bigger on 5050's blog.
Chris Zeppieri Video
Chris Zeppieri video courtesy of 5050bmx.com.
Nashua Skatepark Scene Report
Adam22 takes you through a tour of his hometown skatepark in Nashua, NH. Brian Hunt is in this video. Isn't that enough reason to watch it over and over and over again?
Nass Top Three Mini Ramp Runs Videos
These are the top three runs from the mini ramp contest at Nass in England this past weekend. I'm pretty shocked Dhers ended up in third. It looked like he had the most solid run, but I'm no judge. Also, Mark Webb's last trick is completely amazing.
... more »
Terry Adams Launches New Site
Terry Adams recently launched his new site and it's packed full of photos, videos, and a ton of other stuff. Click here to check out TerryAdamsBMX.com.

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