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James Cox Video/Bike Check
4Down posted this awesome video of James Cox riding his favorite spot along with a bike check that you can check out by clicking here.
Another Mike Aitken Interview
BMXunion just posted an interview with Mike Aitken. Between this and his recent interview on Fit's site, this makes two interviews in one week for Aitken. Click here to check out the interview"Go ride, typing sucks!" - Mike Aitken
Tree Visits Machine Shop
The dudes from Tree Bikes recently visited Phil Wasson at his machine shop, Super Rat Machine Works. Super Rat is responsible for making all of Tree's sprockets. Click here to check out some photos on the Tree site.
Scotty Cranmer Injury Interview
Felt recently interview Scotty Cranmer about his foot injury and you can check out what he had to say by click here.
Volume Ride To Glory Trailer
Ride UK posted this trailer from the Volume team's Ride To Glory trip. Check it out.
Jim Cielencki Bike Check
Jim C always has a nice bike. His current ride is no exception. Click here to check out Jim's bike on the Odyssey site.
Marcus Tooker On Specialized
Marcus Tooker hit us up to let us know that he's now riding for Specialized. It's pretty awesome to see them helping out someone else after Allan Cooke has been holding down their entire team for the past few years. Congrats, Marcus! Also, ... more ยป
Heath Pinter Interview
Heath Pinter is one of the most connected dudes in BMX. He's also one of the most knowledgeable. Defgrip recently posted an interview with him that you can click here to check out.
New Kevin Robinson Mega Ramp Video
New video of Kevin Robinson practicing on the big air ramp in Maine before taking it down to New York and breaking the world record. Check it out!
Farren Downes & James Cox Nike 6.0 Video
Farren Downes & James Cox are now getting hooked up by Nike 6.0 in the UK and they released this video along with the announcement. Check it out!

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