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Two By Four Video Premiere
It looks like the Two By Four video is done and about ready to premiere. This is going to be a good one! If you're in the area on July 19th, be sure to check it out. Click here for more info on the video and the premiere on Two By Four's site.
Bobby Kanode's Bike
Bobby Kanode is one of the dudes that just got hooked up by GT through the GT Project contest. He just got his new bike built up and sent a photo over for everyone to check out. To refresh your memory, here's Bobby's video one more time... ... more »
New Frames From Kink
Kink posted photos of Chris Doyle and Darryl Tocco's new bikes and they both include frames that aren't currently available. Darryl is riding a frame called The Outfit and Doyle is riding a chrome version of his signature frame, The Farside. ... more »
Sunday Mexico Trip Photos
Sunday posted a bunch of photos from the team's recent trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. Click here to check them out.
Act Like You Know Trailer
Preview for a video called Act Like You Know... check it out!
Demolition Ashley Hub Available Soon
The incredibly light Ashley rear hub from Demolition will finally be available in a few weeks. Click here to get more info on the hub courtesy of Demolition.
X-Dreams Park Contest Preview Video
Bobby Parker just sent over this video and some info about the HEY YO BRO! Jam that is going to be taking place at X-dreams skatepark in Rochester, NY on June 21. It's $15 to ride or $5 to watch and helmets are required. Check it out if you're ... more »
Product Previews From Volume
Volume posted some sneak peaks of Biz's new frame and a new seat they have coming out on their site. Click here to check them out.
Fuzzy Hall Photo
I just saw this awesome photo of Fuzz and his son Mason riding on the Redline site and figured it needed to be posted. Click here to see it bigger on their site.
New Ads From Fit
Fit posted a few new ads; the newest print ad featuring Mike Aitken and an online ad featuring Brian Foster. Click here to check them out in full size on the Fit site. ... more »

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