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Bobby Kanode Video
Bobby Kanode from Phoenix recently got hooked up via the GT Project and he just came through with this dope edit. Check it out.
Soul Bowl Results
The Soul Bowl just finished up and here are the results: Final Results: 1. Chad Kagy 2. Steven McCann 3. Ben Snowden 4. Joe Rich 5. Austin Coleman 6. Jay Eggleston 7. Jimmy Walker 8. Francisco Zurita 9. Koji Kraft 10. Tom Stober High Air: 1. ... more ยป
Red Bull Empire Of Dirt Results
Red Bull's Empire Of Dirt contest just wrapped up and here are the top three results: 1. Corey Bohan 2. Gary Young 3. Dane Searls We'll have more from this contest soon. Stay tuned!
Drew Hosselton Update; On Osiris
Drew Hosselton has a quick update on the MirraCo site and one of the things he mentions is that he's been added to the Osiris team. Click here to read the update. *Drew's bio is now up on the Osiris site and you can check that out by clicking here.
Nigel Sylvester On Forbes.com
Nigel Sylvester has an interview up on Forbes' site where he talks about the business side of being a professional BMX rider. Click here to check it out.
Morgan Wade/Levi's Colored Jeans Contest
Levi's is putting on a contest where everyone can vote what color jeans Morgan Wade will be wearing on his next tour stop. There are also a few pretty wild commercials on the site. Check it out at levi.com/choosecolor.
New Nike 6.0 Site Launches
Nike 6.0's new site recently launched and it features bios on the entire BMX team, including all of the international riders. Click here to check out the new site!
Kyle Carlson Trails Photography Q&A
I always feel weird linking to stuff about me... My friends over at Deluxe did a Q&A with me about shooting photos at the trails. It features some words and a few trails photos. Click here to check it out! As always, tell me what you think!
Ryan Guettler Injury Update
MirraCo posted an interview with Ryan Guettler about his performance at this past weekend's Dew Tour. As we had hoped, his injury isn't too serious and he's already getting back on his bike. Click here for more info on MirraCo's site.
Team Changes At Failure
Jesse Whaley has parted ways with Failure Bikes, but they acted fast and picked up Seth Klinger and Raul Ruiz.

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