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Paxton's Trails Session Video
"Legends" on ShredOrDie.com Session at Paxton's trails featuring the locals with Gary Young and Chris Doyle courtesy of SHREDORDIE. Check it out.
Scotty Cranmer Video
Pre-injury video of Scotty Cranmer riding John Jenning's trails and a few other spots. Scotty is amazing. Check it out courtesy of Kosman and BNQT.
Volume Rob Wise Frame Spy Pics
It isn't much, but Volume posted a few spy pics of Rob Wise's signature frame that he's currently testing. Click the image above to check them out.
David Beckham Holds For Stephen Murray
Ride UK posted a pretty cool story about David Beckham calling Stephen Murray after seeing a video piece about his accident. Beckham had to hold for 40 minutes before he was able to speak with Stephen. Click the image above to read the whole ... more »
Rich Hirsch Interview
Rich Hirsch has an interview up at BMXunion. Click the image above to check it out.
Nigel Talks Format
MirraCo posted an interview with Nigel Sylvester and Format, the BMX boutique he just opened in Queens. Click the image above to check it out.
Bruce Crisman Video From Federal
I never thought I'd see a video part edited to a Smokey Robinson song. Bruce just proved me wrong. This video is amazing. Check it out courtesy of Federal.
Craig Mast Rocks Out
Craig Mast and one of his homies shred some guitars. Also, Craig is now getting hooked up by Fender. Big surprise, right?
BMXinvasion Contest Results
BMXinvasion's contest went down this past weekend at Skate 57 and here are the results: Novice 1. MARK BARCIK (SE BIKES FRAME WINNER) 2. SHANE KELLY 2. CODY ZEIGLER EXPERT 1. STEVE HORVOT (MUTINY BIKES FRAME WINNER) 2. ERIC WHITESCARER 3. JESSE ... more »
Beloe Product Page Updated
Beloe recently updated their product page with some of the hottest shoes in BMX. Click the image above to check them out. All of these shoes are now available at bike shops and mail-orders.

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