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Craig Mast Bio On Eastern's Site
Eastern posted Craig Mast's bio on their team page and he's not wearing a full-face in any of the photos. I hardly even recognize him. Click here to check out Craig's bio.
Masters Park Results; Dhers Wins
The park contest at the Masters just finished up and here are the results: 1. Daniel Dhers 2. Ben Wallace 3. Alessandro Barbero Apparently, Mark Webb went down hard on his already-injured back and it didn't look too good... Click here for full results and more info on Ride UK's site.
Bulldog Bikes News/Videos
Colton Satterfield hit us up to let us know that he's now riding for Bulldog Bikes along with TJ Ellis, Chris Hughes, Ben Voyles, and Lance Mosley. He also sent over these videos to check out: Colton Satterfield Video Chris "Mr. Backflip" Hughes - 10
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Bryant Shepherd Video
Bryan Shepherd has some hot moves... Check this out courtesy of 5050.
BMX Masters Results
Quick results from the dirt and mini ramp contests at Masters... Dirt 1. Ryan Guettler 2. Corey Bohan 3. TJ Ellis Mini Ramp 1. Mark Webb 2. Daniel Dhers 3. Ben Wallace
Boy Ad From Volume
This is Volume's latest ad and it features Boy doing a pretty sweet hangover-to-180. Click here to see it in full size at Volume's site.
Mike Spinner Quad Whip Resi Video
Mike Spinner just called me and told me about this and he wasn't 100% satisfied with it so I didn't expect much. But, when I saw it, I thought it looked pretty dialed. You be the judge. Spinner gets another one done!
Chris Doyle Fork From Demolition
Chris Doyle has a new signature fork from Demolition that should be out in September. Click here to get all of the specs.
Dhers Vs Webb Video From Masters
Check out this video from qualifying at the Masters contest in Germany featuring Mark Webb and Daniel Dhers' runs. It looked super close, but Webb ended up in first. What do you think? Here are the full results. Mark Webb Daniel Dhers Ben Wallace Ryan
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Jared Chilko Video Bike Check
Jared Chilko has a video bike check up on the Seshin Bikes site. It features some clips of him riding a cement park along with a rundown of his bike. Click here to check it out.

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