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Dew Tour Park Final Videos
Ride BMX posted a video featuring highlights from the Dew Tour park finals along with a video of Daniel Dhers' winning run. Click here to check out the highlights video. Click here to check out the video of Daniel Dhers' winning run.
Dew Tour Park Final Results
Dew Tour park finals just wrapped up and here are the results hot off a text message from Losey.
1. Daniel Dhers 2. Ryan Guettler 3. Mike Spinner 4. Steve McCann 5. Ryan Nyquist 6. Dennis Enarson 7. Seth Klinger 8. Marcus Tooker 9. Morgan Wade ... more »
Dew Tour Park Qualifying Video
Ride BMX posted this video featuring highlights from today's BMX park qualifying contest. It's looking like this could be Guettler's year back at the top; he's KILLING it. Click here to check it out.
Drew Barker Day Edit
Drew Barker filmed all of this stuff before noon today. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Nate Berkheimer's Dew Tour Runs
Nate Berkheimer sent over this clip of his dirt runs at the Dew Tour. Not bad for a pro racer! Haha. Click here for more info on Nate from Diamondback.
Dew Tour Park Prelim Results
The Dew Tour BMX park prelims when down today and here are the results: 1. Ryan Guettler 2. Seth Klinger 3. Dennis Enarson 4. Morgan Wade 5. Craig Mast 6. Steve McCann 7. Marcus Tooker 8. Rob Darden 9. Ben Wallace These riders will move into finals and ... more »
Shutdown Cities Trip
The Shutdown crew recently took a took a trip around SoCal and made this video. Check it out!
TJ Lavin "Soldier" Music Video
This is TJ Lavin's music video for his tribute song to Stephen Murray, "Soldier." The song features Simon Tabron on the guitar, Simon's wife Pippa on the vocals, and a guest spot from Cory Nastazio. Check it out and click here to check out the Lavs Lab site for more info.
Dew Tour Dirt And Vert Finals Videos
Ride BMX posted videos of the highlights from the dirt and vert finals at the Dew Tour yesterday.
Click here to check out the video from dirt finals. So much stuff went down at this contest. It's ridiculous! The definite highlight for me is my boy Cam White's run that included a barspin-to-x, ... more »
New Stem From Odyssey
Odyssey has a new stem available and it's for the lovers of front loading stems. It's called the C.F.L. (Classic Front Loader) and you can get all of the info on it by clicking here.

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