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Leigh Ramsdell Injury Video
Leigh Ramsdell broke his hip on a recent Eastern trip and here's the clip. The line he was trying is pretty damn intense. Get well soon, buddy! Get more info on Eastern's site by clicking here.
Dave Rytell Update
I hadn't heard anything from Dave Rytell for a bit, but today he posted an update on the MirraCo site. Click here to check it out.
Lil' Tammy Video Interview
Lil' Tammy is one of the best riders in the game right now. Check out this video interview courtesy of Matt Colisch.
Mike Aitken Interview
Fit posted an interview with Mike Aitken that features some nice photos and some info on Mike's life. Click here to check it out.
Mike Spinner On USA's Character Road Trip
Mike Spinner recently took a trip to SoCal to film a segment for a show on the USA network called Character Road Trip. Spinner taught the two hosts to ride down some ramps on the show. This is pretty sweet because it will make a bunch of people ... more »
Josh Betley Does High Backflips
I had this photo on hand of Josh Betley backflipping a box and I figured I'd post it in response to everyone hating on the 5-inch high backflip in his recent On The Spot Interview. Also, Felt posted a blurb about Josh joining their team that you can check ... more »
Jim Bauer Bike Check
Jim Bauer always has good looking bikes and this one is no exception. Click here to get all of the details on Odyssey's site.
New Dig Magazine Preview
Defgrip posted a preview of the new Dig magazine that should be hitting stores soon. Click here to check it out.
Mike Spinner On Local News
Mike Spinner recently filmed this piece for a local TV station in Baltimore while at the Dew Tour. Check it out. SPIN TO WIN!!!
Spam Edit
Nick "Spam" Ponterio has a new edit up on The Take's site. Click here to check it out. Super smooth street lines.

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