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Local Exposure Day 3 Video
Local Exposure Day 3 video courtesy of BNQT.com.
FISE Video/Results
This is a video from day two of FISE courtesy of Ride UK. Ricardo Laguna placed first in the dirt contest followed by Patrick Guimez and Colin Mackay. Daniel Dhers won the park and the mini ramp contest. No official word on the rest ... more »
Demolition Team Updates
Demolition recently updated their team rider pages with new interviews and a bunch of awesome new photos. Click the image above to check them out.
Rob Wise Sequence
Sequence of that crazy wallride gap Rob Wise did in Las Vegas... click the image to see it bigger on the Volume site.
New Device Frame From Redline
This is Redline's new Device frame and the crackle finish that Tyrone designed. Here is what Redline had to say about this: The Tyrone Williams’ inspired “Crackle” finished DEVICE frames have just arrived and are selling like hotcakes. ... more »
Kink Team In The UK
Kink riders Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton, and team manager Jay Roe are currently spending some time in the UK checking out London and the Brighton Ain't Ready house. Click the image above to see a few photos on the Kink site.
FISE Day One Video
Video of the first day at FISE courtesy of Ride UK. Looks like a bunch of good riding went down, someone snaked and possibly injured Daniel Dhers, and Chase Hawk and a French kid had a tight race in the contest for highest air.
New Bikes From Stolen
Stolen recently redesigned their Cheater and Sinner bikes and released an e-book to go along with them. Click the image above to check them out. Also, as an added bonus, you get to see a rad photo of Troy Merkle Luc-E grinding a rail.
Ryan Nyquist Update
Ryan Nyquist is one of the busiest people on the planet. Click the image above to read an update from him over at the Haro site. Ryan also posted a new blog on his personal site. You can check that out by clicking here.
Adam Banton Interview
Adam Banton has an interview up on the UGP site. Based on a few of his answers, I think it's at least a few months old, but still worth checking out. Banton loves Starbucks. Click the image above to check it out.

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