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Odyssey Interview
BMXunion posted an interview with Jim and Nuno from Odyssey about all aspects of the company. Click here to check it out.
New Mike Laird Ad For MirraCo
Mike Laird gets street with a 180-whip in his new MirraCo ad. Click here to check it out at the MirraCo site.
Dillewaard Injury Update
Dave Dillewaard goes in to get the pins out of his hand soon, but it looks like they're pretty much ready to pop out already. Click here to get more info on his injury from the Demoliton site. Also, if you missed it, Dave talks about his hand injury in his Vital On The Spot video interview that ... more ยป
Ryan Nyquist's Pool
There's a new hottest pool in the BMX world and it belongs to Ryan Nyquist! Move over Lonnie Paxton, Nyquist has the new spot for the summer. Check out more on Nyquist's pool at the Haro site.
Smoker Dave Bike Check
Cancer survivor and all around badass Smoker Dave has a bike check up on the Ride BMX site. Click here to check out his ride.
Alessandro Barbero Video
You may not understand the words in this video, but the riding speaks for itself. Alessando shreds.
New Fit Ad Featuring Dakota Roche
Fit posted this new ad featuring Dakota Roche taking his hands off. Click here to see it in full size at the Fit site.
Sean Sexton Bike Check
Sean Sexton has a sweet farmer's tan and a nice bike. He's got a bike check up on the Brighton Ain't Ready site and you can click here to check it out.
Kevin Robinson Red Bull Experiment Video
Kevin Robinson's attempt to break the record for the highest air out of a quarterpipe is only a couple of days away and Red Bull recently released this preview for it. If you're going to be in the area you do not want to miss this.
Nina Buitrago Interview
Nina Buitrago has an interview up on a site called Cooler. She's going to ride the Dew Tour this year if they'll let her. Boom! Click here to check out her interview.

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