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Alex Hiam Video From Colony
More shredding from Australia, this time from 12-year-old Alex Hiam. Click the image above to check it out.
New Wallpapers From Ride BMX
Ride BMX posted a few new desktop wallpapers. I was pretty stoked on this one of Ian Schwartz that Jeff Z shot. Click the image above to check out the rest of 'em.
TJ Lavin Off Fox, On Ecko
If you didn't catch his new On The Spot, TJ Lavin has left Fox after eleven years and is now riding for Ecko. Big things are going down!
Dave Jacobs Interview
Dave Jacobs, the mind behind Micreation, has an interview up at BMXunion. Click the image above to check it out.
Dirt Photos From Staff
Kevin Conners shot some photos at the trails yesterday and posted them up on the Staff blog. Click the image above to check them out. Big Daddy sighting!!!
Demolition Update
This picture is from Dave Dillewaard's new Demolition ad that you can see full size by clicking the image above. Also, E-Man is no longer riding for Demolition.
New Skavenger Shirts
Skavenger posted some photos of a few new shirt designs they have coming out. Click the image above to check them out.
Jack Maddock Bike Check
Jack Maddock is one of the baddest dudes coming out of the NW and he's got a bike check up on the Shola site. Click the image above to check it out.
Beloe Postcard Featuring N. Williams
Beloe just sent over this new e-postcoard featuring Nathan Williams. They're going to be doing one with each team rider, so stay tuned. Click the postcard to check out Beloe's blog.
Jared Chilko Video
This kid can do some lookbacks.

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