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Bryce Toole Video
Click the image above to check out an awesome Bryce Toole video from Sputnic. It's awesome. Seriously. In other Sputnic-related news, Tony Malouf is no longer riding for them.
S&M Dirt Bike Frames Now Available
After getting a ton of requests, S&M has re-released their classic Dirt Bike frame. Click the image above to see all of the specs on their site.
Allan Cooke Local Exposure Q&A
Ride BMX posted a Q&A with Allan Cooke about the most recent Local Exposure tour. Apparently, there isn't going to be an actual DVD this time around. Instead, there will be a show on Fuel. Click the image above to read the Q&A.
Corey Martinez Off Primo
If you haven't caught wind of this yet, Corey Martinez is no longer riding for Primo. There was a bit of controversy that came with this separation and Primo posted a press release to explain all of the details. Click the image above to check ... more »
Ryan Sher Rides First Class
Ryan Sher wants everyone to know that he travels first class in European trains. STRAIGHT BALLIN.
Marco Svizzero Interview
BMX filmer and all around great guy Marco Svizzero has an interview up at Defgrip. If you're not familiar with Marco, he was the man behind Summer Of Fit and many of the BMX videos you see on Vimby.com. He's also in charge of the newest Lotek ... more »
New Shirts From T1
Terrible One posted photos of a bunch of new shirts they have coming out. They're all designed by Michael Sieben, so you know they follow along with the T1 style that we all love so much. Click the image above to check them out.
Trey Jones Video
It looks like Trey Jones is getting flow from Fit now and he's got a new video up on their site. Click the image above to check it out.
Brian Osborne Q&A
Brian Osborne, the guy in charge over at Beloe shoes, has an interview up on the Profile site. Click the image above to check it out.
Marcos Torres Update/Bike Check
Marcos Torres is officially a college graduate! Congrats, Marcos. Also, he's no longer riding for Specialized and MacNeil hooked him up with this new bike. Check out the specs: Macneil Whitton 2 frame 21" Macneil seat and seat post combo S&M ... more »

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