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How To Dye Your Loteks Video
Dying your Loteks has become pretty popular as of late and this video shows you the proper way to get it done. Also, Jason Enns posted a bunch of photos on the Lotek site from his recent San Francisco trip. Click here to check them out.
S&M American Flag Stems
S&M released a few stems in this incredibly limited American flag wrap. Click here for to find out what you have to do to get one of these.
Taj Bike Check
Taj is currently at Woodward West and Odyssey posted a bike check with him. Click here to check out his ride.
Micreation Update
Micreaiton posted a news update that is packed full of photos of Josh Suhre, Brad Simms, Tony Neyer, and a bunch of others. There are also photos from the recent old school BMX reunion. Click here to check out the update.
Dave Thompson's Bike
Verde posted a bunch of photos of Dave Thompson's bike. Dave is currently riding a bunch of prototype Verde stuff, so this is a preview of things to come. Click here to check out Dave's bike.
Toby Forte On Verde
Toby Forte has parted ways with FBM and is going to be riding and working for Verde. Click here for more info on this change courtesy of Dig.
Fit Ride To Glory Trailer
This is the trailer for the Fit Olde English team's Ride To Glory trip video courtesy of Ride UK.
Brandon Hoerres Desktop From Mutiny
Mutiny posted a new desktop background and a couple photos of Brandon Hoerres. Click here to check them out.
Kevin Porter In Austin Video
Orchid posted a pretty sweet Kevin Porter video that features him riding every spot in Austin in one line. Well, maybe not quite every spot, but you get the point. Click here to check it out.
Inside/Out Part Two From Eastern
This is Eastern's second installment of their Inside/Out video series. This video features Eric Holley, Leigh Ramsdell, and Wiz meeting up with Zack Rogers and Seamus McKeon in their hometown of Charlotte, NC. Check it out! For more info and to re-watch
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