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X-Dreams Park Contest Preview Video
Bobby Parker just sent over this video and some info about the HEY YO BRO! Jam that is going to be taking place at X-dreams skatepark in Rochester, NY on June 21. It's $15 to ride or $5 to watch and helmets are required. Check it out if you're in the
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Product Previews From Volume
Volume posted some sneak peaks of Biz's new frame and a new seat they have coming out on their site. Click here to check them out.
Fuzzy Hall Photo
I just saw this awesome photo of Fuzz and his son Mason riding on the Redline site and figured it needed to be posted. Click here to see it bigger on their site.
New Ads From Fit
Fit posted a few new ads; the newest print ad featuring Mike Aitken and an online ad featuring Brian Foster. Click here to check them out in full size on the Fit site. ... more »
TJ Ellis Dirt Session Video
Ride BMX posted a video of TJ "YUNK DAWG" Ellis testing a Haro Forum complete bike and it features him shredding the dirt jumps at Da Compound in Lake Perris. Pretty impressive that he can ride so well on a bike that isn't even his own. Click here to check out the video ... more »
Ryan Nyquist On House Arrest
Due to a fire in a nearby town, Ryan Nyquist is stuck in the house for a bit. Check out what he has to say here and see a few photos of the smoke on RyanNyquist.com by clicking here.
Williams And Roche Leave Primo
Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche have parted ways with Primo. Their decision to leave was influenced by Primo's release of Corey Martinez a few weeks ago. Ride BMX posted a bit more on the situation, click here to check it out.
New Mosh Site
The Mosh site recently got a face lift. Click here to check it out.
Kelly Bolton Fakie To 180 Frontflip Video
One time Kelly Bolton dressed up in his $700 Sasquatch costume and ran through the woods in Lake Tahoe and scared a bunch of people at a wedding. This fakie-to-180-frontflip isn't quite THAT awesome, but it's still pretty amazing. Congrats, Kelly! This
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Jimmy Walker's iPod Helmet
Jimmy Walker installed his iPod and some speakers into his helmet to make one pretty sweet creation. Dig has a Q&A up about his iPod helmet that you can click here to check out.

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