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Drew Hosselton Bike Check
Drew Hosselton loves the Steve Miller Band. That has nothing to do with this bike check from Ride BMX, but I think everyone needs to know. Click the image above to check out his ride.
Eastern Inside/Out Charlotte, NC Promo
The next episode of Eastern's Inside/Out web series is going to drop in a couple of weeks. Check out this preview for it.
New Local Exposure Site Launches
The new Local Exposure recently launched. Click the image above to check it out!
Volume Team Ride To Glory Update
Ride UK posted an update from the Volume team on their Ride To Glory trip. They're currently in Scotland and, luckily, Biz escaped customs. Click the image above to check it out.
Martinez Speaks On Primo
Corey Martines recently spoke out one final time about being dropped from the Primo team. Click the image above to check out what he had to say. Don't expect anything else on the subject. Corey says this is his final statement on the situation. ... more ยป
Fly Del Sur Video Trailer
This is a trailer for Fly's video Del Sur that they've been putting together in Austin. You can click here to see it in better quality. Also, this is Fly's newest print ad.
Tree Bikes Video Featuring Eben Fischer
Awesome video from our friends over at Tree Bikes featuring Eben Fischer. Check it out. Gettin' crazy with the front brakes on the streets! More info at TreeBicycleCo.com.
Tony Watkinson Interview
Tony Watkinson has an interview up over at BMXunion. He mentions a video he recently filmed for Vital that should be up soon. Also, he mentions me for publicity purposes. BOOM! Click the image above.
Elevation Finals Photos From Defgrip
Defgrip posted a photo set from the finals at Red Bull Elevation and they're probably the best Elevation photos I've seen yet. Click the image above to check them out. Note: Chris Doyle is a professional role model. Harrison is the man.
Bryce Toole Video
Click the image above to check out an awesome Bryce Toole video from Sputnic. It's awesome. Seriously. In other Sputnic-related news, Tony Malouf is no longer riding for them.

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