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Red Bull Down & Dirty Street Contest
Daniel Dhers Prepares for Dew Tour Finals
Daniel Dhers has had quite the contest season this year. On top of winning the park contests at two of the four Dew Tours, he also managed to take home an X-Games gold medal in both the United States and Asia. Daniel has a pretty big lead in the points
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Nike 6.0 Banksgiving Jam
Nike 6.0 has a couple of BMX events on the way named Banksgiving. The first one is coming up quick at Garrett Reynolds' house in New Jersey, and a West Coast edition is going down in November. Scroll down to see all of the details. Nike 6.0 Banksgiving BMX and Wake Tour Nike 6.0
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Austin Coleman's Two Houses in Greenville
Austin Coleman recently purchased two houses in Greenville, North Carolina. Conveniently enough, they're right next door to each other. Vital BMX caught up with Austin to get the scoop.    Austin Coleman and his two houses in Greenville. Photo: Terrell
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James Foster on UGP
  Fresh off a dirt win at the Salt Lake Dew Tour, James Foster is now officially riding for Underground Products.   To go along with his new UGP clothes, James is considering buying a Ford F150, a Yamaha scooter from the '80's, and a haircut ... more »
New Glendale Park Opens Oct. 6th
Another insane park is opening in Arizona on Cotboer 6th. Jason Ryan sent over some great photos of the park, and a story to see how it came to be. Scroll down to check out the story. 
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Cameron White Wins Trick of the Week
The AST Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports tour, today announced the winner of the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award from the Toyota Challenge.  Voting began on Monday, September 24, the day after competitions ended.  Fans were ... more »
Michael Cleveland Ruptures Spleen.
This past week at the Dew Tour in Salt Lake City, Michael Cleveland went down hard on a step-down tailwhip and ruptured his spleen. Cleveland spent a few days in the hospital but has already been released. He doesn't need surgery, but the doctor ... more »
Dennis Enarson on Rockstar Energy Drink
  As of this past weekend at the Dew Tour, Dennis Enarson is now officially riding for Rockstar Energy Drink. Dennis joins the current team of Luke Parslow, Mike Aitken, Heath Pinter, Josh Harrington, Ryan Nyquist, and Alistair Whitton. ... more »
Salt Lake City Dew Tour Park Results
The Salt Lake City AST Dew Tour wrapped up yesterday with plenty of bangers. Ryan Nyquist was on fire with 720-trucks and took third, Ryan Guettler dropped perfect 1080s and double-flips for second, and Scotty Cranmer pulled tons of stuff including the front-flip-whip ... more »

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