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New Animal and Skavenger Shirts
Animal recently sent over a batch of new shirts for you to check out, and there are some cool designs ready for the fall. Click the image to see all of the shirts, and hit up www.AnimalBikes.com to get even more info.
Skavenger Shirt
Click here to see all of the new Animal and Skavenger shirts.
That's It Video Trailer Posted
A new video is on its way from 50/50 BMX and some of Utah's finest riders, including Matt Beringer, Mike Aitken, Rob Wise, Cameron Wood, Shawn "Elf" Walters, Fuzzy Hall, and many more. Click the image to check out the goods.  
Mat Hoffman
Mat Hoffman’s Crazy Freakin’ Stunt Show happens this weekend at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, featuring Mat Hoffman, himself, and friends: skateboarder Sergie Ventura, inline skater Fabiola da Silva, freestyle motocross rider Derek Cook and
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LG Action Sports World Tour Results
The ASA recently held a vert –only contest in San Diego, California, and Simon Tabron continued to his incredible year with another win. Full results below. 1. Simon Tabron 2. Steve McCann 3. John Parker 4. Koji Kraft 5. Jay Eggleston 6. Austin ... more »
New Scotty Cranmer Video Posted
Felt just sent over its latest Scotty Cranmer video and it’s a banger. The video is packed with great mini ramp riding, but then when the box jump shows up, get ready. Front-flip-whip in effect. Click the image to get the video playing.  ... more »
Ramp Rats Contest Sept. 22nd
Baco Contest Oct. 26-28
Woodward Am Registration Open Until Sept. 23
Hoffman Sports Association announces that online registration for the Woodward BMX Am Contest is open until Midnight, Sunday, Sept. 23 and can be accesses through www.hsabmx.com. Details on the event are listed below: Disciplines: Park (Lot 8), Mini Ramp (Cloud ... more »
Mike Cleveland Off Snafu
Vital BMX just got word that Michael Cleveland is no longer riding for Snafu. Here is what Cleveland and Michael Collins (Snafu Team Manager) had to say. "After 4 years of riding for Snafu, we have officially parted ways. Snafu supported me for a long
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Garrett Reynolds Comments On X-Games
Last weekend, X-Games Mexico put on the first ever X-Games street contest. Nate Wessel built a course made up of stairs, ledges, rails, and other sorts of things you would never expect to see on an X-Games course. Some of the best street riders in BMX
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