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16-Year-Old Harry Main Video Posted
Click here to watch the video.  Kids are getting so good at BMX at such an early age that it’s almost hard to comprehend. Case in point, this new video of England’s Harry Main. At only 16, he’s got more tricks than some top pros.  Click here to see 14-year-old ... more »
Spinner's 1080 Wins Trick of the Week
Click here to see more of Spinner's magic tricks.  NEW YORK - August 28, 2007 - The AST Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports tour, today announced the winner of the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award from the Vans® Invitational.  Voting began on Monday, August ... more »
Ask Scotty Cranmer Any Question for the Press List
Scotty Cranmer is one of the most incredible BMX riders on the planet, and now is your chance to ask him anything you’d like in the Vital BMX Press List. We will choose the best questions that are submitted, and Scotty will answer them in a video interview.
... more »
Florida Snow Session?
Florida Snow
Photos like this don’t normally come from Florida, especially in August. Here’s what Harry Delprete had to say about them. Click the image to see all of the photos. “Orlando is full of surprises if you look for them. We found this crazy house ... more »
New Maxxis Video Uploaded
Maxxis tires sent over a new video featuring some of its riders including Brian Hunt, Zack Gerber, Catfish, and more. The team was in California doing shows and enjoying a little Hollywood action. Click the image above to watch the ... more »
Action Sports World Tour Begins Sept. 1
ASA Entertainment, the world’s largest action sports event and television production company, has selected the five U.S. cities which will host events on the 2007 Action Sports World Tour. The tour, which will run from September until November in the ... more »
KC Badger Injured in Car Accident
KC Badger was injured last week when a car he was in was struck by a drunk driver. The collision left KC with a broken collarbone and some more time off of his bike. This is what he had to say about the event. “My friends Sam, Angel, Ashley, Brandon,
... more »
Anthem Skatepark Temporarily Closed
Anthem Skatepark in Las Vegas, Nevada is temporarily closed. Rumors are flying from the locals as to why it's been closed, how long it will remain closed, and how this will affect bike access to the park, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Vital BMX
... more »
Vote for BMX in Dew Tour Trick of the Week
At every Dew Tour stop, one trick from each category is nominated for the PlayStation Trick of the Week. There are three BMX riders in the mix from the Portland Tour stop, and your vote can help keep it in the BMX family. Click here to go to the AST Dew ... more »
New Mirraco BMX Video Posted
The Mirraco team is producing some amazing videos for online release this year, and this is the latest. This video features Dave Mirra, Ryan Guettler, Mike Laird, Mike Spinner, Dave Rytell, Rob Wise, and Nigel Sylvester all going ... more »

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