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2 Big BMX Events This Weekend
This is a big weekend for BMX in The United States. Two major events are happening, including: Red Bull Elevation , the premier BMX dirt jumping contest in the world is happening in Whistler, BC Canada. All of the top dirt jumpers from around the world ... more »
Latest Stephen Murray Update (6/30)
The Murray family has been updating Stephen's condition on BMXtalk.com regularly. Below is the most recent post, along with all of the info you need to donate to the Stephen Murray fund. We will keep updating this news post as often as we can. MURRAY ... more »
Drew Bezanson on Shadow
Drew Bezanson turned a lot of heads at the Toronto BMX Jam this year, and he’s just been added to the Shadow Conspiracy International Flow Team. Drew is a straight-up destroyer on park, mini ramps, and street, and the video you can get to by clicking right here ... more »
Lavar Do-it-Yourself T-Shirt Graphic
Here's a cool way to make your own Lavar T-shirt. Mike Ardelean just sent over this cool graphic—check out the instructions.
  We are offering a free dowloadable Lavar "Pads" logo on our site as a Do It Yourself tee shirt graphic. Click here ... more »
Six More BMX Riders Invited to X Games
The Hoffman Sports Association just announced the latest wave of BMX riders invited to ride at the summer X Games. The riders selected today include Zack Warden, Steve McCann, and Dennis McCoy for Vert, and Mike Spinner, Mark Webb, and Dave Mirra for Park. For more information ... more »
13 Florida Jam Photos Uploaded
Last week we posted a rad video from a skatepark jam in Merritt Island, Florida, and now we have some great photos from Brett Rohlfing to go along with it. Click any image to get to the Photo Album. Click any image to see the Photo Album.  
Cody Perry
... more »
Ryan Guettler's Dew Tour Photos
Diogo Canina air
 Click here to see all 10 of Ryan Guettler's Dew Tour BMX photos.
Ryan Guettler is a serious BMX shutterbug, and we got him to go share some of his favorite photos that he shot at the Dew Tour in Baltimore. His photos of Diogo Canina and Ben Hennon are flat-out ridiculous. Click the photo to get ... more »
Update on the Stephen Murray Fund
Update to Stephen Murray Fund: First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has helped in passing this message along.  The initial flood of responses warranted a phone call from PayPal to make sure we were expecting the participation we got!  We have ... more »
Tony Hawk Foundation
When word got out about Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam Bikes, riders had a lot of shall we say “comments.” One heard frequently was the rumor that the Tony Hawk Foundation helps keep bikes out of skateparks. Since Mike Escamilla works closely with Tony ... more »
Napolitan Separates Shoulder; Nyquist Wins Dirt
During Dirt Qualifiers at the Dew Tour in Baltimore, Anthony Napolitan got caught by a wind gust and crashed hard, resulting in a separated shoulder. Anthony says he will be out of order for about two weeks and should be good to go after that. Then during
... more »

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