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Baco-a-Go-Go Set for October 27-29
Vital Poll Results: Seth Kimbrough Takes the Win
Our second VitalBMX Poll is officially closed. We asked which rider would be the most fun to ride with, Seth Kimbrough, Scotty Cranmer, Josh Harrington, or Chase Hawk. When all of the votes were added up, the results were as follows. Seth Kimbrough ... more »
Cranmer Takes the Top Spot in Park
The Park Finals at the Dew Tour in San Jose, CA was an amazing event. Everyone in the contest rode well, but the top three guys put on the show of the day. Daniel Dhers was literally a trick machine: no-handed flair, double-whip-270-over a hip, 360-x-to-whip ... more »
Guettler Back on Top of Dirt at Dew Tour San Jose
Ryan Guettler proved that he has the ability to get the hardest tricks done on demand, and it paid off with a win at Dew Tour Dirt in San Jose tonight. Guettler’s winning run included a double-whip on the first set, a 720 on the next jump (a hip to the ... more »
Bestwick Rules Vert at San Jose Dew Tour
Jamie Bestwick’s first run at the Dew Tour in San Jose tonight could best be described as a vert clinic. He went the highest, did amazing tricks, had the flow, and in the end it resulted in another first place finish. With his strong placings at every ... more »
VitalBMX Update
The progress happening on VitalBMX has been amazing. Not only are all of you coming through with great photos, profiles, etc., but the programmers behind the scenes have been going nuts, too. The Community Search has really kicked things into gear, and ... more »
2006 Vancouver Metro Jam Results
PRO 1. Gary Young (94.8) 2. Morgan Wade (93.8) 3. Rob Darden (91.8) 4. Alistair Whitton (89.8) 5. Corey Bohan 89.2) 6. Wade Lajlar (87.4) 7. Drew Bezanson (86.8) 8. Max Vincent (86.0) 9. Dustin Guenther (85.6) 10. Brian Hunt (84.4) 11. Clint Reynolds ... more »
LG Action Sports World Tour Results—Paris
LG Action Sports World Tour Results Paris, France Septmeber 3, 2006 PARK 1. Dave Dillewaard 2. Alessandro Barbero 3. Chris Mahoney 4. Ben Hennon 5. Corey Martinez 6. Tom Haugen 7. Koji Kraft 8. Benny Korthaus 9. Axel Jurgens 10. Markus Wilke VERT 1. ... more »
Ryan Sher Leaves Kink After 8 Years
The Kink Web site reported today that after eight years, Ryan Sher is leaving the team. Ryan wrote a really cool letter giving some insight into his reasons, so make sure to hit up www.kinkbmx.com to read the whole story. We wish Ryan and Kink the best.
Vancouver Metro Jam This Weekend
  The Metro Jam is happening this weekend at the Kerrisdale Arena, about 15 minutes from downtown Vanouver, BC, Canada. Metro is consistently one of the best events in BMX, so if you can get there, get there. The Metro web site (metrobmxjam.com), has ... more »

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