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Ant Pearson Video
Ant Pearson has been filming for Standard’s “Stronger the All” video for about a year, and we got this cool sample to show you what to expect. Rick Moliterno says this video is just “playing around.” Must be nice.  
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New Team Pimpske Added to Trailer Park
The Team Pimpske crew knows how to take advantage of some mild weather in the middle of January. Check out their new promo for a nice street session. Team Pimpske "Indian Summer" To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos ... more »
Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006
Bommel flipwhip
Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2006 is the first-ever international photography competition that celebrates the world of action and adventure sports. The spirit, the grit, the edgy perfection - that's what we're here to honor. The top 50 finalists ... more »
Simpel Session 07 Results
Simpel Session '07 January 13-14, 2007  Tallinn, Estonia  1. Josh Harrington (USA) 2. Chase Hawk (USA) 3. Dave Mirra (USA) 4. Sebastian Keep (GBR) 5. Alistair Whitton (GBR) 6. Ben Hennon (GBR) 7. Mark Webb (GBR) 8. Mike Spinner(USA) 9. Danny Hickerson (USA) ... more »
New Mark Webb Video
If you need a little video motivation for this weekend, we've got you covered. This video of Mark Webb will make you think about things a little differently. Don't miss this. Thanks to Extreme Productions UK for the video. ... more »
New Hoffman Bikes Website Launched
What better way to bring in the New Year than by celebrating Condor' s birthday and celebrating the launch of new Hoffman Bikes website. Click here to check it out now. The new site is filled with hundreds of new images including new product and team sections. Plus, convenient
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Final Week to Enter the Join Team Haro Contest
This is the last week to get your video entered in the Join Team Haro contest. There have been some incredible entries, and there is still time to get yours in the running. Keep in mind that there are now 38 prizes up for grabs. If you haven’t watched all of ... more »
Eastern Escape & Props Year-End Added to Trailer Park
We’ve got two more cool BMX video trailers for you. The Eastern Escape is more like its own video—it’s about nine minutes long! This video is a few years old, but the riding is definitely worth watching. We also added the Props Year End 2006, which is ... more »
Nyquist Wins Kachinsky's Healing Bet
Brian Kachinsky and Ryan Nyquist both blew their knees out around the same time, and Kachinsky challenged Ryan to a contest to see who could heal the fastest. The proof would be whoever could produce a photo of a barspin over a box jump first, and the prize was a free sandwich
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How To Become a Vital BMX Featured Member
If you’re wondering how we choose the Featured Members here on Vital BMX, you are not alone. To let you in on how it’s done, here are the things we look for. 1. Main Profile Image and About Me If you don’t have a photo of you (or something interesting) ... more »

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