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Crazy Action from The Flow Contest
The Flow’s 2006 Dirty East Contest went down Nov. 18-19, and as usual, it was great. Flip at Albe’s let us use a video clip he got from his camera phone of DK's Zack Gerber doing an unreal front-flip-drop-in off of a huge sub. Things are getting nuts, ... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
Here was the question in the latest Vital BMX poll: “If each of these riders pulled their hardest tricks in one contest run, who would win?” These guys all have psycho tricks, but the majority of you thought that Scotty would come out on top. And with ... more »
2 Micreation Promos Added to The Trailer Park
The Micreation crew is new joke, and these two promos featuring Tony Neyer and Larry Alvarado are the proof. Micreation Promo 1Micreation Promo 2 To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you here ... more »
Ryan Nyquist Headed for Surgery
Ryan Nyquist is headed for surgery at the end of the month to repair the knee injury that happened at the Summer X Games. We asked Ryan if he could give us an update, and kicked ass as usual.
boost in San Jose
“I tore my ACl in my left knee at the X Games this ... more »
Dave Mirra Changes Up his Warehouse
Dave Mirra’s private warehouse in Greenville, NC is one of the most amazing parks around, but it’s about to get even better. Dave decided it was time to change things around a bit, so a crew from Woodward is at work on a new street course layout right ... more »
Square One’s “Up Close” Added to The Trailer Park
Square One took a new approach with its newest video. Take a look at the trailer and then watch for “Up Close” to be out around mid-December. The trailer says Nov. 15, but some stolen cameras set things back a bit. Square One's "Up Close" To see more promos and trailers ... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
In this week’s Vital BMX Poll, we asked which rider would be the most fun to go on a road trip with. I’ve been lucky enough to travel with all of these guys and I can assure you that they will all have laughing nonstop, but when the votes were tallied, ... more »
Shook's "Brainstormed" Added to The Trailer Park
You know what to expect from Shook--nothing but the best. Check out the trailer for"Brainstormed" now. Shook's "Brainstormed" To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you here in The Trailer ... more »
Mills on Failure
Ryan Mills recently made the switch from the Premium team to be part of the Failure family. We asked Ryan the reason for the change, and here ‘s what he had to say. “I wanted to be a part of a family and I wasn’t getting that with Premium. I remembered ... more »
McCann Joins the New Grill Club
Steve McCann went for a 360 transfer at the Orlando Dew Tour that resulted in him crashing face first and leaving a few teeth on the flatbottom. After sporting the toothless look for a few weeks, Steve spent some serous cash to get his teeth fixed, and
McCann 5-whip
... more »

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