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New Photos from The Athens BMX Jam
Kent Pearson
Click here to check out photos from the Athens BMX Jam. The annual Athens Jam in Athens, GA is always a great time. We posted a rad video from the event a few weeks back, and now we have some photos to add to the mix. Click here to check out the photos, and click here to watch the video of some good BMX fun.  ... more »
Brian Hunt on DK
Catfish over at DK just sent over the news that New England ripper Brian Hunt is now on the team. If you’ve seen Brian ride you know he rips. If you haven’t seen him ride, get ready…
Turndown on the vert ramp at Ollies. Photo: Jeffmeinecke.com  ... more »
Rooftop off Redline; Cleveland off Mirraco.
Redline announced today that Mike Escamilla is no longer riding for its BMX team. The remaining Redline team for 2007 includes Dustin Guenther, Tyrone Williams, Kevin Kiraly, and maybe one more rider to come? Keep an eye on the Redline Vital BMX Profile ... more »
Rise Above's New Ramp Setup
Kerry Sayre has ridden BMX for a long time, so it makes sense that Rise Above, his shop in Lorain, Ohio, has ramps in the stock room. The ramps are only going to be open on an invite/friends situation, so maybe you better help clean the store next time
Rise Above Ramp Photos
... more »
Props 63 Added To The Trailer Park
Props has been delivering some of the best videos in BMX for years, and 63 looks to be just as good at the rest. Click the link to watch the trailer. Props 63 To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos ... more »
First Look: New Las Vegas Skatepark
   Click the image to see all 5 photos of the park.
After years of rumors and what seemed like false hope, the Hollywood skatepark in Las Vegas, Nevada, is finally becoming a reality. Construction hasn't been going on long and there is definitely a large amount of time before it’s
Hollywood Skatepark Overview
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Mike Spinner Pulls a 1080 on a Resi
While riding at Dave Mirra’s warehouse in Greenville, NC, Mike Spinner decided to go for a 1080 on the resi (that’s three 360’s in one jump if you suck at math). Spinner said that on his first try he actually over-rotated. He didn’t fully commit on the
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Props News Update
Props Issue #63 will be hitting the streets on January 31st. Props Issue #63 includes: Beringers KNARBQ JAM Salt Lake City, UT Credence Bikes Road trip Part 2 New England Scene Report Profile North West Road Trip Fly Bikes PA and TX Road Trips Liquor ... more »
How To Get Bikes Allowed into Skateparks
Getting BMX bikes allowed into public skateparks is not always a simple task. But thanks to Bikes Belong, you can now be armed with significant information when you approach your city council about the issue. The Bikes Belong website has published a story titled ... more »
Red Bull Illume Announces Winners
   Aspen, Colorado (Jan. 24, 2007) – Tonight at dusk, the first-ever    international action and adventure sports photography competition – Red    Bull Illume Image Quest – unveiled 50 of the best raw moments in action    and adventure sports from across ... more »

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