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Marcos Torres Wins Local Exposure Tour
Below is a complete wrap-up from the Local Exposure Tour. To check out nearly 200 photos from the trip, click the following links. Southern California StopsNew Mexico and Arizona Stops   This years Local Exposure Tour was one for the books! With more participants than ever before and the ... more »
Fox Pedal to the Metal Tour
Fox has devised a BMX tour concept that promises mayhem and madness in the streets while giving local riders the chance to ride with their favorite pros. The approach: pile ten of the world's leading BMX riders into the Fox tour bus for two weeks, bombarding
... more »
Final Local Expoure Stops this Weekdend
I just wanted to remind any and all SoCal BMX riders to come out to Perris' The Compound on Saturday and San Diego's Mission Valley park on Sunday. There is something for every BMX enthusiast at the Local Exposure Tour! Starting with tons of giveaways from the tour ... more »
Shadow Psychotronic Radio Show
New VooDoo Jam Website
Terry Adams sent us an update on the 2007 VooDoo Jam in New Orleans. Sounds like flatland is going to have a huge year.  This years Voodoo Jam is a part of an organization called the "BMX World Circut." We will be one of three contests that will give ... more »
Red Bull Empire of Dirt Course and Pro Rider List
The Red Bull Empire of Dirt course has now been officially released, and as you can see, it's going to be nuts. The event in happening in the UK down in Devon from June 15-16, with some jams happening before that. 30 Riders Confirmed The response from
... more »
Mirraco Mini Ramp Jam Road Trip
Mike Spinner and some friends did a trip to the Mirraco Mini Ramp Jam this past weekend, so we asked Spinner to give us a quick report. He came through with some photos, too, but his PhotoShop skills could use some work.
Mirraco Ramp Jam Winners
Click here to see photos from the event.  “Joe, ... more »
Etnies BMX Video Premiere May 18th
Etnies has been putting in some serious work on its newest video titled, “Grounded,” and on May 18th the BMX world gets it first peek. The world premiere will be held at the Etnies headquarters in Lake Forest, CA complete with live music, “tasty beverages,”
... more »
Local Exposure Tour Begins
Allan Cooke has left Greenville, NC on his way to Albuquerque, NM for the first stop of the Local Exposure Tour, "The Golden Ticket." He is towing a 23-foot trailer with three Harley's and tons of merchandise for the product toss. Here is the schedule for each stop. ... more »
Dave Mirra Wins Celebrity Race
The annual Toyota Grand Prix Celebrity race was held April 15th in Long Beach, CA. The race is full of Hollywood actors and professional athletes, and the winner for 2007 was none other than Dave Mirra! Apparently Dave can do anything he wants and come ... more »

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