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Perspectives and New Standard Promo in the Trailer Park
Two new rad promos for your viewing pleasure.  Perspectives "Going for Broke"Standard's "Stronger than All—Bommel"  To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you here in The Trailer Park. If you’re a company with a trailer you’d ... more »
Who Will Be the New Team Haro Rider?
There are less than two weeks to go in the Join Team Haro contest. There have been some incredible entries, and there is still time to get yours in the running. Keep in mind that there are now 38 prizes up for grabs. If you haven’t watched all of the Haro ... more »
King BMX Video from Atlanta Falcons Game
 Click the image to watch the video. The King BMX Stunt Team is constantly doing shows at NFL and NBA halftime games, and they brought a video camera to a Christmas Eve show in Atlanta so you could see what it’s all about. Riders in the video include Kyle Kelsey, Mike Laird, Jeremy ... more »
Updated: Phoenix Gets a Bike-Friendly Park
New Bike-Friendly Parkin Phoenix
  Click any image to see the Photo Album from this park.  You know that Mesa is now allowing bikes in their concrete skatepark. What you don't know is the long, arduous journey it took to get there. There is a quote, "You don't ... more »
New Heavy Hitters in the Haro Contest
The contest to join Team Haro officially ends on January 15th, and some seriously talented riders are getting into the mix. Riders from the around the world are posting videos, and with all of the prizes up for grabs, you should get involved, too.
... more »
Mesh Skatepark Update & Photos
Click the photo to see our Mesh Skatepark Photo Album.
Mesh Skatepark Overviews
Chad DeGroot sent us an update on what’s happening at Mesh Skatepark outside of Orlando, FL. The following text is short, but the six photos are incredible. “We have changed a few things ... more »
Simpel Session January 12-14
The waiting is almost over - it's 3 weeks until the annual Simpel Session contest in Tallinn Estonia. If some of you still don't know where the heck it is then well, you should maybe just learn your geography. Because Simpel Session has grown to one
... more »
James Foster Talks KHE
James Foster recently hooked up with KHE for 2007, and he’s got some big plans for 2007. We asked James exactly what’s in store, and we have one thing to say: We are jealous.
James Foster superman seatgrab
How did you wind up on KHE? My friend Alfredo Mancuso started riding ... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
Riding to good music can make almost any session even better. Some riders prefer loud and fast, but hip-hop can work just as well—even better according to this Vital BMX Poll. G-Unit… Which of these bands have the best music to ride to? 1. 50 Cent (31.1%) ... more »
Travis Collier Joins MacNeil
Here's a news blast we got from Jay Miron at MacNeil. Congrats to Travis.  MacNeil Bikes is proud to announce that we are now sponsoring Travis Collier. Travis has always been a good friend to everyone here and we love having him around. So it’s great ... more »

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