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BMX Invasion Added to The Trailer Park
A BMX Invasion Trailer has been added to the Trailer Park, bringing the total count to 41 videos. Have you seen them all? Get to it... BMX Invasion  To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have ... more »
The Vital BMX Guide to Bike Parts
If you’re just getting into BMX, trying to understand all the lingo can be a bit challenging. Backsweep? Butted tubing? Freecoaster? What? To help you understand all of this, we’re going to be constantly updating this Vital BMX Dictionary so you can ... more »
Hoffman Does a Knee and Tabron Breaks a Rib
Mat Hoffman, Simon Tabron, Eduardo Tereros, Tim Wood, and Jay Eggleson recently made a trip to the United Arab Emirates for a demo at the Dubai X Games. A trip like this should be a dream, but Simon and Mat both wound up getting broke off. Simon reported
Hoffman skydiving Dubai
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New Hoffman Bikes "Broke Off" Added to Trailer Park
Hoffman Bikes' new video "Broke Off" is officially available now and officially nuts. The crashes in this video will make you cringe, and it shows just how risky it is to produce a great video part these days. You need to see this video—all of the HB regulars ... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
With Christmas right around the corner, we asked which of these would make the best Christmas present? 1. Backyard Ramp (53.7%)      2. Week at Woodward (29.9%)      3. Complete Bike (13.1%)      4. X Games Trip (3.4%) Backyard ramps can be bumpy, shady, ... more »
Sputnic Web Promo Added to The Trailer Park
Sputnic sent over its web promo featuring its entire team. This is more like a short video than a long commercial. Sputnic Web Promo  To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you here ... more »
Dillewaard on Demolition
Brian Castillo at Volume and Demolition always sends out the best press releases. Here's one welcoming Dave Dillewaard onto the Demolition team: “Demolition is proud to announce a new member to the team, Australian Dave Dillewaard. G’day, mates.” Simple ... more »
Kachinsky Headed for ACL Surgery
We got an e-mail this morning that you never want to recieve. Brian Kachinsky tore is ACL riding street and is heading under the knife to get it fixed. He's got the right attitude, though. Get it fixed and then challenge Nyquist to a healing contest. What?
Kachinsky feeble
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Bestwick in Head-On Car Crash
Jamie Bestwick and Etnies Team Manager John Povah were involved in a head-on car crash near Woodward West on Saturday. They luckily came through with only minor injuries, but it’s a gnarly story. For the full description, follow this link to read Jamie’s Vital BMX ... more »
Diamondback Announces ‘O7 BMX Team Roster
Kent, WA – Diamondback is pleased to announce its ‘O7 team roster. When the clock strikes January, the Diamondback BMX team roster will look like this:   •Nate Berkheimer •Diogo Canina •Andrew Carpenter •Darin Read •Davey Watson • Robbie Wright   Diamondback ... more »

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