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Mills on Failure
Ryan Mills recently made the switch from the Premium team to be part of the Failure family. We asked Ryan the reason for the change, and here ‘s what he had to say. “I wanted to be a part of a family and I wasn’t getting that with Premium. I remembered ... more »
McCann Joins the New Grill Club
Steve McCann went for a 360 transfer at the Orlando Dew Tour that resulted in him crashing face first and leaving a few teeth on the flatbottom. After sporting the toothless look for a few weeks, Steve spent some serous cash to get his teeth fixed, and
McCann 5-whip
... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
Coming up with unique lines is what BMX is all about, and according to this Vital BMX Poll, Steven Hamilton is the king of creative moves. Take a look at any of Hamilton’s video parts and you will be left shaking your head, guaranteed. The other riders ... more »
2 New Vital BMX Forums Launched
The Vital BMX Forums are a perfect way to connect with other Vital members, and we’ve got two new Forums up and running. Haro Sponsorship Contest Comments This is one of the coolest contests to ever hit BMX. Keep an eye on the new videos showing up the Haro page and then go ... more »
Premium Video Added to The Trailer Park
The Premium Products video is amazing, and here is a video trailer featuring Vital BMX member Matt Colisch to prove it. Premium Products Video Trailer To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you ... more »
New Eastern Video in The Trailer Park
New Eastern Video added to The Trailer Park Leigh Ramsdell sent us a copy of a new Eastern promo, and it’s hilarious. It’s Ramsdell, street, and Weird Al—what more could you ask for? To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take ... more »
Vital BMX Video Contest Ends Tonight
If you haven’t submitted a video for the first Vital BMX Video contest, you better get editing. The contest ends tonight at midnight, and the winners will be announced tomorrow (Saturday). Three winners are going to get hooked up with free goods from ... more »
Vital BMX Poll Results
The latest Vital BMX Poll has come to an end. We asked which of the following spots you’d most like to have in your backyard. Let’s be honest—if you could have any of these spots at your house you would never stop smiling (or riding), but the majority ... more »
Doyle on Kink and Demolition
Chris Doyle’s phone has been ringing steadily ever since he and DK parted ways. Recently we reported that he had joined the Demolition team for parts, and we just got a call confirming that Chris is now part of the Kink team for bikes. Zack from Kink ... more »
Vital BMX Update: Video Upload News
If you’ve tried to upload a video to Vital BMX in the past and got denied because it was the wrong file format, you won’t have to worry about that any more. We’ve got a new video converter running that can handle any video format you throw at it—even ... more »

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