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Vital BMX Update: Video Upload News
If you’ve tried to upload a video to Vital BMX in the past and got denied because it was the wrong file format, you won’t have to worry about that any more. We’ve got a new video converter running that can handle any video format you throw at it—even ... more »
Chris Doyle on Demolition
It was big news when Chris Doyle and DK parted ways, but it didn’t take Chris long to find a new parts sponsor. This announcement from Brian Castillo is quite a Halloween treat… "Demolition is proud to announce that Chris Doyle is now apart of the team. ... more »
Etnies Backyard Jam Wrap-Up
30 October 2006 – Well, what can we say, other than what another storming Backyard Jam! A big congratulations go out to all the riders that participated in this year’s event and to Nate Wessel for his champion course. It provided a top grade arena in ... more »
Fit Launches New Website
Robbie Morales and the Fit crew have completely revamped the Fit website with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. New videos and photos will be posted regularly, so take a look to see what Fit has cooking at www.fitbikeco.com.
Vital BMX Australian Poll Results
In the latest Vital BMX poll we asked, “Which of the these Australians will do the best at the big contests in 2007?” We gave you five names to choose from, but 42.2% of you hit the Corey Bohan button as fast as you could, making him the winner by a ... more »
Euro Standard Riders in New Video Trailer
Standard keeps cranking out rad trailers for its video, "Stronger Than All." This one is focused on its UK riders and the tricks are hot. Front brake stuff you've never seen before, and the last trick will leave you wondering what you just saw. Check ... more »
Davenport, Iowa’s Amazing New Park
  Rick Moliterno sent us the news that the new park in Davenport, Iowa is officially open. Read what Rick had to say about this 24/7 beauty and then get to Iowa before winter hits too hard. “Here is a photo of our new concrete park! It is excellent ... more »
Backyard Jam Ramp Design for This Weekend
The wait is nearly over, the Backyard Jam is only three days away now! For those of you who can't wait, here is a sneak peek at the street course, designed by Nate Wessell, which Nate and his team are currently building, as we speak! at the ICE Arena
... more »
Mike Spinner Joins Mirraco
Mirraco sent a press release our way with a lot of good news in it, but the the big surprise was that Mike Spinner has joined the team. Spinner has come up big time over the past few months, and his magic tricks have got the entire freestyle world talking. ... more »
Osato Named Wethepeople US Team Manager
This press release came through from WTP with some major news about Osato. Read on...    Yep. Dave Osato is now going to take on the team management of the US wethepeople team. A tricky job at the best of times, but as the wethepeople US team has seen ... more »

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