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Props, Road Fools, and Mega Tour Added to the Trailer Park
Tired of looking all over the Internet trying to find trailers for BMX videos? You’re hunt is officially over. We will be rounding up every video trailer possible and posting them here in our Trailer Park to make your life a little bit easier. We will ... more »
Freimuth and Mortenson Split With MacNeil
Dave Freimuth sent an e-mail with the news that he and Tony Mortenson’s days with MacNeil are coming to an end. Dave said that everything between he and MacNeil is in great shape, and there are no hard feelings at all. Rather than rehash all of the details, ... more »
Woodward Am Jam Results
  Woodward Am Jam Results Sept. 22-24, 2006 16 & Younger Mini-Vert Finals 1. Matt Tanicello - 91.00 2. Brandon Mazerolle - 90.75 3. Ian Bradley - 86.50 4. Zane Bradley - 85.75 17 & Older Mini-Vert Finals 1. Joe Taberna - 90.75 2. Steven Fontes ... more »
Vital Poll Results: Metro Jam Takes It
The third VitalBMX Poll is officially finished. We asked which of the following contests meant the most to BMX: Backyard, Dew Tour, Metro Jam, or X Games. All four of these events are important aspects of BMX, but you chose Metro Jam as the favorite—by ... more »
Scotty Cranmer Busts His Teeth Out
While getting ready for a session Saturday night at New Jersey’s Incline Club, Scotty Cranmer went down hard. His first trick was going to be a footjam-nosepick-walltap, but he hung up on the way back in and went straight to flat on his face. The result ... more »
Ryan Sher Starts a new Company Called Subrosa
The VitalBMX Report
Things are rolling along better than I could have hoped for here on VitalBMX. Word is getting out about the site and more riders are joining up every day. The bugs in the system are being exterminated daily, but let me know if you experience any glitch
... more »
Baco-a-Go-Go Set for October 27-29
Vital Poll Results: Seth Kimbrough Takes the Win
Our second VitalBMX Poll is officially closed. We asked which rider would be the most fun to ride with, Seth Kimbrough, Scotty Cranmer, Josh Harrington, or Chase Hawk. When all of the votes were added up, the results were as follows. Seth Kimbrough ... more »
Cranmer Takes the Top Spot in Park
The Park Finals at the Dew Tour in San Jose, CA was an amazing event. Everyone in the contest rode well, but the top three guys put on the show of the day. Daniel Dhers was literally a trick machine: no-handed flair, double-whip-270-over a hip, 360-x-to-whip ... more »

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