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Karl Poynter on Shadow
Wondering who the newest Shadow rider is? Wonder no more. Karl Poynter has officially joined the team. To see Karl in action, click here to watch a rad video welcoming him to the team. Congrats.
BMX Companies Making Dreams Come True
This is not the typical news you see here on Vital BMX, but it's one of the coolest e-mails we've ever gotten. Check it out, and great job to Jeff Crowell and all of the companies involved. My name is Jeff Crowell and my wife and I own and operate a
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The Press List: You Interview the Pros
We’ve got a new series of interviews headed your way on Vital BMX, but we’re not asking the questions—you are. This is your chance to press your favorite BMX pros on whatever topic you want. Any Vital BMX member is eligible to send in questions, and ... more »
Local Exposure Tour IV "The Golden Ticket"
Local Exposure Tour(LET) is a chance for some of the top pro’s in BMX to set out on a road trip with the idea to search for some unknown amateur talent at local skate parks.  This is the first time in LET history that we come out to the West coast in search of
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Props Legal Downloads for $9.99
Props Visual, Ltd. will start offering exclusive first release downloads starting with Props Issue #65 in May.  Currently all Props titles are available for legal, high quality permanent downloads or rentals at www.totalvid.com/BMX-Videos/1. All Props titles have been available ... more »
Extreme Thing Festival March 31 in Las Vegas
Extreme Thing is the one and only premier action sports/music festival, in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, that takes place March 31, 2007 at Desert Breeze Skate Park. The 2007 eXtreme Thing Action Sports/Music Festival will feature: 9 national act bands
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New BMX Seat Designs from Premium
Premium Products just sent over photos of its new seats, which should be hitting bike shop shelves over the next couple of months. The seats will available in both rail and Pivotal versions, so you should find one perfect for your ride. These seats are about
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York Flatland Jam Returns on June 23
The annual York Flatland Jam held in York, PA is one of the most iconic events in BMX. As Brett Downs puts it, “Come ride with the past, present and future of flatland. All riders are welcome. No fees, no scoring, just fun.” The York scene played a major ... more »
Props Rock-n-Roll Road Fools 2007
Props is hitting the road in June for another Road Fools Rock-n-Roll Tour presented by LEVI’S SIGNATURE…Bands in the line up are Lucero and Thunderlip. Riders so far include: Morgan Wade, Corey Martinez, Anthony Napolitan, Scotty Cranmer, Brian Kachinsky, Seth Kimbrough, Brad ... more »
Woodward & PlayStation Plan Major Amateur Contest
Playstation and Woodward Camp have teamed up to bring you the biggest am contest of the year. There will be 11 stops around the country where the winners will receive Playstation Prize Packages and a week at Woodward Camp this summer. All finalists will
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