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Metro BMX Jam Singapore April 7-8
Metro BMX Jam Incorporated is pleased to announce the Singapore Metro BMX Jam on April 7th and 8th 2007. The contest will be held in downtown Singapore at the Somerset skatepark. All existing Somerset ramps will be removed and replaced for the week-end ... more »
Rob Wise on Mirraco
There had been rumors of Utah’s Rob Wise getting hooked up with the Mirraco team, and it is now official. Mirraco Team Manager Gator sent over this e-mail to confirm everything. Congratulations to both Rob and Mirraco. “I sat here and tried to think ... more »
X Games Drops BMX Dirt, Adds BMX Big Air to Lineup
The rumors are true—BMX Dirt has been dropped from the X Games. However, BMX Big Air will be added to the regular lineup. Below is the info which came from an ESPN Press Release.  BMX Big Air, which was featured as a pay-per-view event at X Games 12,
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55 Videos in the Trailer Park
We now have 55 BMX video trailers and promos in the Vital BMX Trailer Park. Here are the latest five, but make sure to scroll down and watch any you haven't seen yet. Coastal Evolution
Here & NowProfile Feb. '07 Promo Props 64 Team Pimpske "Canadian Winter" To see more promos and ... more »
Byron Anderson to Focus 100% on Shadow R&D
Brian Castillo and Dennis Enarson Videos
Volume and Demolition are planning to release a new web video every month on their websites (VolumeBikes.com and DemolitionParts.com), but luckily they are down to share them with us here at Vital BMX. And the first two are incredible. Brian Castillo’s Demolition
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Fuzzy Hall on Redline
Click here to see more photos of Fuzzy's new Redline. News just got out that Fuzzy Hall has joined the Redline team. On top of being a rider for the Redline crew, he will also be the Team Manager. Redline sent over a few photos of the bike Fuzz just built up at 50/50, and this is what ... more »
Adam Banton on UGP
"Adam Banton is the newest member of the UGP team for 2007. "Chalk up another front brake rider".  Adam is going to hold it down for the west coast. His bio and some of his favorite stories will be up on undergroundproducts.com as soon as he gets back
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39 Haro Contest Photos Posted
The second day of the Haro contest is over, and the riding has been nuts. The ten guys got to ride outdoors at Greenville’s Jaycee Park for a change of pace, and then it was back to The Unit for a marathon session. The contest officially ends tomorrow, and
Colin Mackay 360-turndown
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New Demolition BMX Site
"We just put up our new Demolition site (Demolitionparts.com). New site features the whole 2002 Demolition Video, our 2007 Gypsy catalog in .pdf format, as well as new parts and colors.  We'll also be adding online videos monthly. Stay tuned within the ... more »

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