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Chris Doyle Off DK
Chris Doyle called today with some news we were not expecting. After nine years, DK has terminated his contract. Doyle had been with DK since he was 16 years old, so this came as quite a surprise. Chris said that the reason he was told had to do with ... more »
Daniel Dhers Wins Park and the Dew Tour Title
The Park finals in Orlando turned out to be a bloodbath. Scotty Cranmer busted some teeth out on an under-rotated double-flip over the box to take him out of the contest, and Mike Spinner took a shot to the dome that made him pass on his second run.
Alsitair whitton 360
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Dew Tour Park Qualifiers
Mike Spinner, this year's Free Flow Tour winner as an amateur came ready to rumble at the Playstation Pro(r) BMX Park prelims with some pretty crazy tricks. Spinner lived up to his last name by twirling a 720-tailwhip over the box, a 360-double-tailwhip
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Dew Tour Orlando Vert & Dirt Final Results
The Park event in Orlando is yet to come. Keep an eye on VitalBMX more more photos, video, and year-end wrap-up.    Vert Final Results 1. Jamie Bestwick 2. Chad Kagy 3. Kevin Robinson 4. Dennis McCoy 5. Simon Tabron 6. Franisco Zurita 7. Jay Eggleston
Kagy flatspin table
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Orlando Dew Tour Qualifying and Photos
The final Dew Tour of 2006 is under way this weekend in Orlando, Florida. Below are results from the Vert and Dirt qualifying events.  
Kagy flatspin table
  Click here  to see a photo gallery from the Vert event courtesy of Justin Kosman.                 VERT ... more »
Fox's My Spot Scotty Cranmer October 21
Fox’s My Spot Scotty Cranmer will be on Saturday October 21st at Cranmer’s home spot, The Incline Club in Lakewood, New Jersey. As Fox pros and other riders battle it out to see who can claim New Jersey local Scotty Cranmer’s spot, the guys will ride
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Two More Videos Added to the Trailer Park
Tired of looking all over the Internet trying to find trailers for BMX videos? You’re hunt is officially over. We will be rounding up every video trailer possible and posting them here in our Trailer Park to make your life a little bit easier. We will ... more »
VitalBMX Poll Results: Darden is the Most Underrated
Darden wall to table
  The amount of talent in BMX these days is unreal, which also means there are a lot of riders not getting the credit they deserve. We asked which rider you thought was the most underrated, Rob Darden, Joe Simon, John Heaton, or Chase Dehart, ... more »
Etnies Backyard Jam – October 2006
The waiting is nearly over… The etnies Backyard Jam qualifying events are all finished and our 60 Expert riders have been selected and are now lined up to ride in the etnies Backyard Jam 2006, which is only three weeks away! This year’s etnies Backyard ... more »
VitalBMX Update: MySpace and YouTube
Next time you're out poking around the Web, cruise on by the VitalBMX MySpace and YouTube  pages. The photos and videos probably won't be as up to date as what's right here on VitalBMX.com, but it's two more places to help people find out about our ... more »

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