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At Home with Rob Wise
World-class photographer Joey Cobbs recently spent some time with Demolition pro Rob Wise at and around his home in Layton, Utah. Check out some photos from their time together and learn why Rob chooses to call Layton home.
Lakin Trails Farewell Jam - 2/7
One of SoCal's most iconic dirt spots is officially coming to an end. Stop by on February 7th to celebrate the good times!
Mick Bayzand Bike Check
Colony pro Mick Bayzand is back from injury and killing it on this Burna. Hit this link to get a rundown of the parts.
Mike Spinner Interview
BodyBuilding.com recently posted an interview with Mike Spinner about stepping away from BMX and his new(ish) supplement company. Hit the link and check out what he's been up to as of late.
Drew Hosselton Bike Check
Hit up Volume's site for an inside look at Drew Hosselton's personal ride and a bunch of dope photos by Brian Castillo.
Anthony Napolitan off Red Bull
Anthony Napolitan is no longer riding for Red Bull. Here's his official word - " I will no longer be riding for Red Bull in 2015. I can't thank them enough for believing in me and giving me all the opportunities that I could've never imagined ... more »
CrucialBMX Monthly Street Ride
Every first Sunday of the month CrucialBMX will be hosting a street ride and as BMX is one big community, we encourage you to get on down. The first will be held on the first of February.
Hit up the link to find out https://www.facebook.com/events/1564918540414873/?ref_notif_type=plan_user_invited&source=1
Raul Ruiz, Andrew Jackson, and Chester Blacksmith off WeThePeople Pro
Big team change at WeThePeople- Raul Ruiz, Andrew Jackson, and Chester Blacksmith are still with the brand, but no longer a part of the pro team. Here's the official statement - " For those who are interested to know, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew ... more »
No More X-Games Street
While I haven't been able to formally confirm this (ESPN contacts have not gotten back to me), all signs point to BMX street no longer being in X-Games. Here's the rundown of events they sent out -
Apparently "Big Air Doubles" involves a team ... more »
Mike Brennan Steps Down From Pro Ranks
Long-time pro rider and all around badass Mike Brennan has officially stepped down from being a pro rider according to his Instagram page. I've decided to step down from being a Pro BMX rider. I'd like to thank @colonybmxbrand and anyone that has supported me over the last 10 years. A video posted by Mike Brennan (@mike_brennan_) on Jan 20, 2015 at 6:14pm PST While it’s only speculation, I’m ... more »

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