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Profile x FBM x QBMX - Maiden America Tour
Profile and FBM are teaming up with QBMX to hit up a variety of parks here in the states at the end of the month. Check the flyer below to see when they will be in your area.
X Games 2014 Preview with Dennis McCoy
Dennis "DMC" McCoy has been in every single BMX Vert X Games event so of course he has plenty of rad things to say. Check out the full interview on Haro's site after the jump.
Jacob Cable Bike Check
Get all the details on the personal ride Kink flow / Odyssey AM rider Jacob Cable.
Craig Passero Bike Check
It looks like Craig Passero is getting a signature frame from S&M. He's currently rocking a prototype version and it's lookin' clean! Check it out!
Jason Phelan's Daily Deed Competition
Jason Phelan is giving away his bike! Rather than asking for you to send in the most gnarly clip you can, Jason has gone one better and is encouraging you to be a good samaritan. Simply film yourself a video doing a good deed, upload it to Instagram
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GUMBALL 3000: UK Park & Vert Series
This sunday the Gumball 3000 kicks off and the UK park and vert series are having their next stops along side. There will also be a demo featuring Nigel Sylvester and many UK pros in the evening.
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NASS QUALIFIER: Rush Skatepark
The NASS qualifiers have been a bit up-and-down due to the skateparks chosen, but luckily they have organised a new event at Rush skatepark to greater cater to the BMX riders. It is June the 7th. We will be there, so we expect to see you there too.
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Act Like You Know - "No Days Off!" Online Premiere
The Act Like You Know crew is releasing their third full-length video No Days Off! this Monday, June 2nd. If their first  videos are any indication, this is sure to be amazing. I can't wait to see what the Ohio shredders came up with.
Mark Burnett Bike Check
Sunday just put together this bike check flipbook featuring Mark Burnett's Sunday Broadcaster with Shadow Conspiracy components. That frame/seat color-combo looks awesome.
Sentient Rampworx Jam
Leon Perkins is holding a BMX night at Rampworx on Monday June 9th for his clothing brand Sentient. Check out all the details below.

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