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Kink BMX 2015 Complete Catalog
Check out the 2015 Complete line from Kink.
Monday Mayhem - Prevail Skatehouse Jam
Prevail Skatehouse are holding a jam on the 26th of May. There is £1000 up for grabs for any pro's and it will take place from noon until 6pm.
Bury St Edmunds Opening Jam
Bury St Edmunds is having an opening jam for their brand new concrete skatepark on Sunday, May 11th. Hardcore Hobbies are hosting.
Jake Seeley Bike Check
Jake Seeley's Sunday Broadcaster setup is loaded with plenty of components from Sunday, Profile, Odyssey, and GSport. Take a closer look below.
1664 Now Distributing Kink
If you're in the shop business in Canada then you can now stock up on Kink goods via 1664.
Shadow at The Wheel Mill - 5/23
Shadow dudes Seth Kimbrough, Lahsaan Kobza, Albert Mercado, and Mark Burnett will be shreddin' The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh on May 23rd. Go party with the crew!
Alienation Chicago Bars - $34.99
In the market for some new bars? Alienation has their Chicago bars in white on sale for $34.99. Go pick some up-
Joris Coulomb Bike Check
Subrosa just dropped another round of limited edition Noster II frames, this time featuring Joris Coulomb's signature colorway. Joris is of course rocking his signature colorway on his current build so Subrosa decided to share with you his setup. Check it out here
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Connor Lodes' Five Favorite Skateparks
Hit up Demolition's site to learn what Connor Lodes' five favorite skateparks are and why he likes 'em. Joey Cobbs shot all of the photos, which is a huge added bonus.
Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes on Odyssey
Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes have really been making a name for themselves lately and their hard work has paid off. These two SoCal cousins have landed themselves a well-deserved spot on the Odyssey AM team. Click here to get Odyssey's official statement
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