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Alex Kennedy on Eclat; off Primo
As if adding Bruno Hoffmann wasn't enough, Eclat just made another big move. Alex Kennedy has officially joined the crew. Here's their official statement - " What better way to start the New Year off in style than with the addition of some great and truly original ... more »
TJ Ellis off Free Agent
Three things - 1. Check out how amazing that photo above is! 2. TJ Ellis is no longer riding for Free Agent. 3. TJ built up an S&M Hucker frame. Peep it -  A photo posted by Tj Ellis (@tjellis_) on Jan 18, 2015 at 8:09pm PST
Ronnie Napolitan off Redline
Well, that sure was short-lived. Ronnie Napolitan is no longer riding for Redline. No official word on why this happened, but Ronnie seems to be in good spirits. As a matter of fact, these were his exact words - “ Get to ride any bike I want ... more »
Dan's Comp Flow Team Additions
Dan’s Comp has added three new riders to their flow team. Details below - Mark Burnett Mark Burnett has been all over the BMX news recently as he was just bumped up to the Sunday Pro team. In addition to Sunday, Mark also rides for Shadow and now, Dan’s ... more »
Alessandro Barbero off Red Bull
Italian park machine Alessandro Barbero is no longer riding for Red Bull. Somebody buy him a glass of wine!
Do You Want To See More Girls Compete?
Kayley Ashworth hit us up with a request to help her get girls BMX into NASS. We don't see why this shouldn't be a possible. There are plenty of girls who shred and they need a platform to shine. Check out the survey below and tell us and her what you
... more »
Nathan Williams off Eclat
Nathan Williams has officially parted ways with Eclat in order to focus on other projects. Here's a statement from Eclat TM Paul Robinson and Nathan himself - " Nathan and I have spoken on and off for a while about his decision and although there was no ... more »
Colin Varanyak on Dan's Comp
Real stoked for this one. Colin Varanyak has officially been added to the Dan's Comp team. Here's his official statement - " I’ve been getting Dan’s Comp catalogs ever since I was a kid, so it’s pretty surreal to be riding for them. Not to mention they ... more »
Brian Kachinsky on GT
After parting ways with long-time bike sponsor DK, Brian Kachinsky has officially joined Rob Wise and Jeremiah Smith on the GT team. Here's his official statement about his new home - “ I’m proud to announce today that I am now riding for GT ... more »
Ben Hucke off Freegun
Ben Hucke no longer has an underwear sponsor. To get the details, here's our actual conversation - ... more »

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