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  • Greg1690

    7/18/2017 4:27 AM

    That's not worth winning in my opinion. Where the heck did tricks like superman (seatgrab, indian air), can can variations, cannonballs and all the other good ones go?! Just seeing bars and whips here - lame.

  • Adam_Stauffer

    7/18/2017 10:53 AM

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. X-Games dirt is lame. Bring back Texas Toast Jam!

  • tedhuie

    7/16/2017 5:16 PM

    Remember when they used to judge contest runs on trick DIVERSITY? Pepperidge farm remembers

  • Adam_Stauffer

    7/16/2017 7:39 PM

    Agreed. Top guys pretty much had the same runs. Flips whips and bars. No style or diversity

  • belijj

    7/16/2017 3:03 PM

    why the fuck i cannot play all the videos from ur website on my google chrome.. :/