The Park Finals at the Dew Tour in San Jose, CA was an amazing event. Everyone in the contest rode well, but the top three guys put on the show of the day. Daniel Dhers was literally a trick machine: no-handed flair, double-whip-270-over a hip, 360-x-to-whip over the box, and on and on. When it was all said and done, Daniel came in third. Ryan Nyquist’s knee must have been feeling okay, because his first run was packed with stuff like a flip over the box backward, curved-wall-to-270-barspin-out, rocket barspin, etc. A lot of people thought that was going to be the run that took it, but Scotty Cranmer was on fire. It’s like the kid has no fear: double-whip-360 over the box and up the step-up, double-whip down the step-down, double-whip-tailtap, and he even tried a flair on the landing of the box jump! Scotty’s win gives him a good boost in the point standings, but Orlando is going to be crazy. Any one of the top three guys could take the title.

1. Scotty Cranmer
2. Ryan Nyquist
3. Daniel Dhers
4. Gary Young
5. Steve McCann
6. Alistair Whitton
7. Austin Coleman
8. Garrett Reynolds
9. Allan Cooke
10. Dave Dillewaard
11. Morgan Wade
12. Colin Mackay

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