DC Shoes Drops BMX Program 18

DC Shoes Drops BMX ProgramHuge bummer here - DC Shoes has dropped their entire BMX program. This leaves Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Edwin Delarosa, Rob Wise, Hucker, Brett Banasiewicz, Anthony Napolitan, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Biz, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark, Broc Raiford, and Stevie Churchill without a shoe sponsor.

Many riders who were a part of the program took to Twitter to voice their thoughts -

This definitely sucks for BMX, but we'll get through it. BMX has been hit with much worse and bounced back stronger than ever. Ride your bike, have fun, and ignore that a corporate world exists!

Also, huge shout out to Vans, Nike, Osiris, Etnies, iPath, Lotek, and Almond for supporting BMX!