Momma Mims Jam 3

Now this kid is rad. His mother recently suffered a stroke and he is using the BMX comunity to help her by putting on a jam.

It is being held at ZenCog, 815 North Third Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.

Momma Mims Jam

"Hello my name is Joey Mims abt 3 1/2 weeks ago my mom had a massive stroke. She was put in ICU & is still there. She is doing better & taking it day by day. Abt a month before that happen my dad was laidoff frm work, so they have no insurance. I am doing a bike ride to raise up what I can. I do have a few sponsors that are hookin me with sum swag. Thank you Ronnie Bonner, Subrosa, Shadow, Chad DeGroot, Mr.B's, Deco, Key Buick, HnB,Velocity wheels,& a few more. If you would like to help in anyway my family would be so thank full. Just hit the tag with my name & msg me. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you cant help lets get a million likes on this flierShelley Worthington Gardner made for my family. Thank you again to all that have helped so far & ur continuing support... Joey Mims"

Make sure you head over to support Joey's Mother.

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