Park finals wrapped up earlier today here at the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland and it was one hell of a contest. In prelims, the somewhat complicated course design gave nearly all of the riders plenty of trouble. However, that wasn't the story during finals and all six riders competing completely killed it. Here's a rundown of the results -

6 - Harry Main

Hop flip / flair madness into the box jump landing.With moves like flair drop ins and and 360 double tailwhips, the Liverpool, UK native impressed everybody with his style and arsenal of tricks. I don't think Harry ever got the whole run that he wanted, but it's always a pleasure watching him ride nonetheless.

5 - Daniel Sandoval

Front-flair.2012 has really been Daniel's breakout year. We saw traces of his skills in 2011, but between his performance in Ocean City and everything else he's been throwing down over the past few months, this kid from SoCal is quickly becoming a household name. Highlights in his runs include front-flairs, triple tailwhips, and huge flairwhips.

4 - Ryan Nyquist

540 double barspin.I may be a bit biased based on the fact that Ryan is a good friend of mine, but I really thought his run earned him a podium spot. Ryan came out swinging and nailed bangers like a 270 out of the curved wallride, a suicide no hander transfer, a backflip double barspin down the stepdown, and a 540 double barspin on the quarter. His third run was high-speed and packed full of awesomeness.

3 - Scotty Cranmer

Backflip double tailwhip over the subrail. Fresh off a huge win at X-Games, Scotty came to Ocean City to win. He backflip double tailwhipped over the subrail, icepick stalled the wallride, corkscrew 720d the stepdown, and jumped a few transfer that nobody else was hitting. Scotty was totally beat after his first two runs and wasn't able to take his third, but (as always) he put on one hell of a show for the fans.

2 - Kyle Baldock

Flair opposite downside tailwhip.Kyle Baldock, last year's winner in Ocean City, is a machine. I don't think he ever quite stomped the exact run he wanted, but he still managed to amaze everyone and earn a solid second place spot. From bunnyhop 360 tailwhips to corkscrew 900s, this kid is serious.

1 - Brett Banasiewicz

Frontflip no hander on one hell of a step up.Brett has been no stranger to Dew Tour dirt podiums, but we definitely haven't seen him in the top three of many park contests. Brett rode flawless today and nailed everything he needed to in order to claim the win. 270 triple tailwhips down the big hip, frontflips over the spine, 360 double downside tailwhips, and even a cashroll down the stepdown put Bret slightly ahead of Baldock and into the top spot. Nobody could top him and Brett will go down as the 2012 BMX Park Dew Tour champion.

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