Pilgrim = Done. 5

Pilgrim = Done.Australian-based Pilgrim BMX brand is officially done.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Pilgrim owner John Buultjens sited financial issues as the reason for ending the brand -

"Eighteen months ago, my agent in Taiwan doubled one of my orders from $198k to $396k. It has taken me all this time to pay this bill off. Without no new product, no new sales, I cannot carry on anymore. I tried everything. I know I should have at the time told him to take them all back. I have been working a second job for the past twelve months just to keep all the bills paid. Now I am closing a company that owes me $145k."

This leaves pro riders Jed Mildon and Cam Pianta (among others) without a bike sponsor.

Read the complete interview on ESPN for more of an insight from John.

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