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Ryan Taylor off Hyper 2

We got a call from Ryan Taylor today telling us that he is no longer riding for Hyper Bike co. He's currently working on something and has been for the past six months. We are excited to see what is going to happen and it should be announced anytime soon. Below is Ryan's own words about the change and if you want to win his bike, just hit up his Instagram.

Photo: Scott Pattenden

“I am no longer riding for Hyper Bikes. I hadn't felt comfortable working with such a large corporate brand for some time. The recent publications on the Internet have been in some way a blessing in disguise as Hyper have agreed to release me from my contract. Hyper bikes is a great brand, but for me had too much control. I am now really excited for next chapter! Thanks big Clay and Matt at Hyper and good luck in your future plans. I will now be riding for a new company which I have a vested interest in and has been in the works for around 6 months. Details to follow… So who wants my old bike?”