Steve McCann Wins X-Games Big Air 5

Steve McCann Wins X-Games Big AirIn what will go down in the history books as the wildest X-Games Big Air contest thus far, Steve McCann barely edged out Zack Warden to take home yet another gold medal. It looked like Zack had it locked down with a backflip bikeflip over the jump and a triple tailwhip on the quarter, but McCann nailed a double frontflip no hander into a huge double tailwhip to overtake the lead. Here's a complete rundown of the results -

  • 1. Steve McCann - Gold
  • 2. Zack Warden - Silver
  • 3. Kevin Robinson - Bronze
  • 4. Chad Kagy
  • 5. Morgan Wade
  • 6. Vince Byron
  • 7. Simon Tabron
  • 8. Anthony Napolitan
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