Things are rolling along better than I could have hoped for here on VitalBMX. Word is getting out about the site and more riders are joining up every day. The bugs in the system are being exterminated daily, but let me know if you experience any glitch we should know about. Trust me, they drive me just as crazy as they drive you.

If you’ve already set up a Profile on VitalBMX, don’t be bashful. This is your spot to show off photos of you, your bike, your friends, your girlfriend—whatever. The more people posting photos and blog entries, the more fun you can have jumping around the site. Hit “Community Search” and you will be surprised who you can find on Vital. And the photos that members have been posting have been awesome. To see a few good looking blogs, go check out AL D, Leon Perkins , and HBMark.

We’ve got a lot more stories and videos in the works, so expect to see new goods sprouting up on Vital all the time. If you have an idea for a story, drop me a line. This is your site as much as it is mine.

If you’re new to Vital, here are some of the stories that were posted earlier that you don’t want to miss.

The VitalBMX Report

The Lightest Freestyle Bike in the World
Two-pounds and $1,500. You need to see this Eastern machine.



The VitalBMX Report

Mirra Talks Mirraco
A video interview with Dave about his new company and the future, plus some great riding clips.



Double Ditch Jam ’06
The photos and videos in this story will blow you away. You have to see the slam photo and video. (Click here to see the story )




Brian Kachinsky Interview
A modern day street warrior with a college degree.




Pool Sharks
Justin Kosman got inside the mind of a true pool shark, and there are tons of photos to go along with it.



Higher Education with Justin Simpson
If your English teacher can do tricks like these, please send me their number.



Taj Talks Life After T-1
An interesting story and some great action photos.



There is a lot more cool stuff around VitalBMX, and more items are being added to our extensive Product Guide every day. Spend some time, look around—I hope you like what you see. —Losey

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