Chances are you caught wind that Zack Gerber is now riding for Snafu and Redline last week upon the launch of his new video. Well, Zack is now riding a Redline G7 Device frame that's all decked out with Snafu components. Hit up the Albe's site to get a rundown of his new ride and check out a few photos.
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  • Chuck8273

    11/11/2011 3:19 PM

    Frame: Redline G7 Device frame 20.75
    Forks: Redline G7 Device forks
    Bars: Snafu 8.6
    Stem: Snafu VST
    Headset: Snafu
    Cranks: Snafu Mayweather 175mm
    Sprocket: Snafu Ola 28t
    Pedals: Snafu Poly
    Chain: Shadow half link
    Seat Post: Some super old post
    Seat: Fat pivotal
    Pegs: Shadow little ones
    Front Tire: Fly Ruben 2.25
    Rear Tire: Animal ASM 2.10
    Front Wheel: Simple front hub 36 laced to a Snafu kashiwa rim
    Rear Wheel: Profile mini 36 laced to a SNafu inglewood rim

    INSANELY Sweet ride!!!!