Baco was insane enough to never have it again @ Jellystone or Neighborhood skatepark. With a superman midget, mother daughter strippers, water balloons, and riding the slides before the water was turned on, we had our last  Baco. This isn't the first time we have been banned, and sure as hell not the last. I am not bummed but more or less happy that everyone came out and rode awesome and partied even harder. Baco will live on and find another location that can handle what is dished out. We do have a location that is possible for this Halloween, an old girls scout camp. No there is no girls scouts left, but that would be a good costume. They heard the news about the Baco ban and would love to cater to our contest. They have started building already, so stay tuned. A huge thanks goes out to the security and the 8 state patrol of Wisconsin's finest, as well as everyone @ Jellystone. We are sorry, but what is done is done. Thanks for being stern, but fair...Jellystone took it for Baco.

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