In the days 21 and 22 July, was realized the second round of the Eastpak BMX Series, that took place in Gafanha da Nazare’s skatepark.

With 64 registered riders between 10 and 35 years,  the number of riders went beyond our expectations.
As usual, the competition format was a 6 minute jam for 3 riders, one competing at a time. Saturday  due to the heat, the contest started latter than expected. The first ones to compete were the Beginners, followed by Amateurs and Pros. With so many registered riders the prelims ended really close to dark. The prelims were followed by a mega dinner with about 80.

The finals happened next day. It was very colorful, which help cheer up the grey sky’s. The best of the beginners was Tiago Castro from Vila Nova de Gaia, followed by João Almeida from Viseu, and João Carmo from S. Domingos de Rana… In Amateur class, Rodrigo Vieira from Amadora took 3rd place, Goncalo Cruz 2nd and 1st place was Joel Rodrigues from Viseu. In the Pro class Pedro Seca from Portimão pulled a lookdown to x-up super high in the quarter, and  a no hands  on the box. He took home 3rd place. Second place went to Daniel Serra, the actual national champion with his flairs and lookbacks. The big winner this time went to Portimão, with Ruben Antonio who pulled a huge tailwip in the quarter and also a perfect 180 barspin rollback on the box.

This was the second of 4 rounds for the Eastpak BMX Series presented by Carhartt. The first one happened in Ferreira do Alentejo and the next one will be in Lisbon.
Eastpak BMX Series 2007 is sponsored by Carhartt, supported by Redbull, Etnies, Esterisco, Ilegal, and C. M. Ílhavo. The media partners are Extreme Channel and Cream Magazine. Organized by MFOBMX.

For more information pls check the oficial website at
1º Rúben António - 56,5
2º Daniel Serra - 54,5
3º Pedro Seca - 49,5
4º Daniel Américo - 47,5
5º Pedro Dias - 45,5
6º Peter Ellinger - 40,5
7º Miguel Cardoso - 39,5
8º Pedro Quadrado  36,5
9º Andrew Winman - 35
10º Nuno Gonçalves - 31
1º Joel Rodrigues - 51
2º Gonçalo Cruz - 48,5
3º Rodrigo Vieira - 47,5
4º António Pelicano - 45,5
5º António Miranda - 44
6º Miguel Pestana - 43
7º Rui Meira - 41
8º Nélson Freidy - 37
9º João Figueiredo - 35,75
10º Pedro Marques - 34,5
1º Tiago Castro - 48,5
2º João Almeida - 47,5
3º João Carmo - 43
4º Tiago Freitas - 41,6
5º Jason Batista - 41,5
6º Pedro Cardoso - 40
7º Jondalar Machado - 38
8º Pedro Vilaça - 37
9º Miguel Martinho - 34,6
10º Tiago Pereira - 34,5

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