Just a little over 15 years ago Mat Hoffman hired me to work at Hoffman Bikes. Little did I know about the
road I was going to travel. Throughout the years, I managed to work my way up through many job titles;
shipper, janitor, welder, machinist, polisher, team rider, pro vert rider, team manager, contest organizer,
X-games red hat, clown, product manager, product designer, general manager and on to head of HB operations.

With support from Mat Hoffman and Steve Swope, I started Sidewall Distribution. Today we are 1 year in and
7 brands later able to celebrate a dream. But, this is not a dream that could not have happened with out the
support and help from many people.

So, i would like to thank everyone that has help make this dream possible, with extra thanks to Hoffman
Bikes Distributors, Sidewall Dealers, Niels@Simple, Bas@roundabout, SuperG@43Hardware, Mike@SNAFU,
Leif@So,What, Marco@Props, Mat@Hoffman Bikes, Sidewall employees, Page Hussey, April Mays and a special thanks to Mat Hoffman and Steve Swope for giving me the first step back in 1992 and hug big ups to my
kick ass wife, Christie.

1 year down and many more to grow.

Thanks again,
Mark Owen

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