Big name BMX riders Mark Webb (GBR), Dave Mirra (USA), Mike Spinner (USA), Alessandro Barbero (ITA), Ben Wallace (GBR), Mike Miller (GBR), Barry Khone (NLD) and Chris Mahoney GBR) have signed up for the first stage of the Braun cruZer Tour 2007 at the five-day Nokia FISE event in Montpellier, France which begins on May 16th.

Webb (UK) has risen to become one of the world’s best spine and street riders and has so far won the previous two Braun cruZer Tours in 2005 and 06.

He will face a strong challenge not only from American pros Mirra and Spinnner, but also fellow Brit Wallace who was second in last year’s Braun cruZer Tour.

Italian Barbero, who won the Pro Park competition at the 2006 Suzuki BMX Masters could be a good outside bet while Khone, Miller and Mahoney will also be keen to get their hands on a share of the 5,000 EUR first round prize.

After a qualification round on Friday May 18th, the stage final will take place on Saturday May 19th at 6pm.

Thanks to sponsors Suzuki and Dickies, the Braun cruZer Tour 2007 comes with a huge total prize pool of EUR 30,000.

The athletes pick up points at each event, which go towards an overall standing. The Braun cruZer Tour champion will pick up EUR 6,500, second place EUR 4,500 third EUR 2,500, fourth EUR 1,000 and fifth EUR 500.

Event dates making up the Braun cruZer Tour are:
Nokia FISE, Montpellier, France. 16th-20th May
NASS, Somerset, England. 6th-8th July
Suzuki BMXMasters, Cologne, Germany. 13th-15th July

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