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Thanks to Russell Wadlin for taking us to "Hell Ditch." We were told there are three sections to this spot. This was the second section and we could have ridden it alone for hours. Matt Coplon with a little boost.

The first section of “Hell Ditch.” This pyramid was a box jump, a wall ride, and steep enough to ride like a quarter. Quite perfect! Grant Castelluzzo with an early morning hop whip.

Some kinkers are made for little people to use.... and for big kids to shred! Mike Hinkens - grind to second stage icepick.

We sessioned a flat ledge down stairs at this abandoned building for a solid hour. When cruising around back to the cars, we were shown this. Spots on top of spots! Coplon - wallride to tabe.

Probably one of the most well-ridden spots in Tulsa... and the one spot that is clear across town. Jared Eberwein spins the bars during our mandatory stop there.

While everyone sessioned benches in front of this school, our friend Justin Koble brought a couple of us around back to ride this driveway in the middle of a field. This was simply a natural skatepark1 Jared Eberwein - tuck no hander.

Same Pyramid, different move. Justin Koble - full speed griz.

Jeff Klugiewicz shot this pic at high noon on day four. Just a cool photo of a warm up session.

Mike Meister tire sliding the most incredible underground tunnel. Words can’t even describe this spot. Photo by Jeff K.

Our head photographer in charge. I love it when filmers/photographers jump head first into the mix. Jake Geisel - turndown.

Mike Meister, uncanny table boost from bank to bank. Photo by Jeff K.

Matt Coplon - Simple rail, simple hop. Photo by Jeff K.

One of the first spots of the trip - a tranny wall tucked behind a building. Meister, roasting it from the get go!

Meister. Cloudy day, bright shirt, good times to follow.

Our tour guide Russell Wadlin. Thanks for a plethora of good times and good spots! Classic table.

In between Tulsa and Austin, tucked somewhere in Texas, is the town of Tyler and The Wade compund. Morgan, Inverted handplant at 2am. Thanks to him for a great late night session!

Tyler Gilliard mid-spin. We headed down to Texas Toast flat practice to find 150 people riding late into the night. The whole scene there was inspiring!

Simple T-bog. Mark Mulville. Always a treat to watch Mark shred a dirt mound.

No-footed can sans hand. Profile flow and Deco Pro rider Matt Olson.

Lucas hadn’t ridden dirt in a year and a half. It didn’t show. Nothing in practice.

Texas Toast practice after a severe inundation by rain. Jared Eberwein, tuck no hander 360.

Profile in Tulsa
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