Vans LXVI BMX Invitational - Virginia Beach, VA 1

Pat Casey - Double Tailwhip

Alistair Whitton - Turndown Transfer

Todd Meyn - Superman Seatgrab to Tailwhip

Gary Young - Turndown Transfer

Rob Darden - No Hander Transfer

Rickey Moseley - Superman Seatgrab

Austin Coleman - One Handed Tailwhip

Daniel Sandoval - Double Tailwhip

Austin Coleman - Turndown

Alistair Whitton - Turndown Backflip

Colin Mackay - No Hander

Daniel Sandoval - Frontflip

Ryan Guettler - Double Tailwhip

TJ Ellis - Nac Nac Seatgrab

James Foster - Superman Seatgrab Indian

Pat Casey - Whip

Ryan Nyquist - 360 Suicide

Gary Young - Turndown

Pat Casey - Backflip Barspin

TJ Ellis - 360 No Hander

Rob Darden - Turndown

Gary Young - No Hander

Ryan Guettler - 360 Turndown

Gary Young - Toboggan

Ryan Nyquist - 360 One Hander

James Foster - Tailwhip Transfer

TJ Ellis - Nac Nac

Rob Darden - No Hander Transfer

Ryan Guettler - Tailwhip

TJ Ellis - Backflip One Footed X Up

Todd Meyn - Backflip

Ryan Nyquist - 360 One Footed Invert

Photos by Justin Kosman.
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  • stay f-it

    8/27/2012 10:06 AM

    360 one footed invert

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