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Hoffman Waxola Wax

Hoffman Waxola Wax

Getting on the wax kick for all you grinders out there our new Waxola is now available.

Each Waxola comes with a protective tin perfect to keep your bag clean and small enough to fit in your pocket nicely. When you’re done with the Waxola you can use the tin as a small storage or buy a refill puck separately and keep on your grind. Waxola with tin and Refill puck also comes with one HB decal.

Size: 2.5″ Dia x 1″ thick

Material: Fully refined paraffin wax

Color: Black only

To celebrate this great new product we are offering one lucky rider a chance to win a pair of 36D pegs/Waxola package. Hit up our Facebook page share this image and you may win.



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