-Each hub is anodized by hand so each hub is completely different.

-Sold in sets only (80 RHD available and 16 LHD).

-3/8 or 14mm GDH axle options.

-Your choice of chromo or titanium driver.

-36 hole only.

Get yours before they run out!

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  • N_duquette

    6/12/2012 2:15 PM

    too bad profile hubs are the worst, wobblin' around after 6 months.

  • king_swag

    6/12/2012 7:21 PM

    profiles are really good....sometimes they make crappyones, and some are really good...i know some ppl that shred ridiculously good, and have had there profiles for years...you obviously had a bad set

  • N_duquette

    6/13/2012 5:38 PM

    "sometimes they make crappyones" i guess that's ok right? to make expensive stuff that sometimes might become some one else's problem? had a rear hub back in 2001 that was shit, have a front hub now that is shit. 11 years away from each other and i just got the bad one(s)? on the other hand i've never owned an odyssey hub that had such issues. my primo cassette has no issues. these are made on the other side of the world parts, that cost much less, yet still out perform the beloved profile hubs. the cranks are just as bad, wobblin' around after a while. i guess if you can afford new hubs and cranks every 6-8 months than go for it, they all look nice and come with plenty of Ti options, not to mention all the cool colors they offer

  • dave lawrence

    6/13/2012 8:28 PM

    My secondhand (at least, bought off craigslist) Profiles are great. Outlasted Primos, Gsports, Easterns, Odysseys, and Demolition hubs that were brand new. My Profile hub I got off ebay for 30 bucks that is a standard SS cassette is still solid, even with bent up flanges and trashed sides from no hub guard grinding. I think user error is a factor on this one, as damn near everyone else I have ever heard of with profiles has had no issues. And no, it is not due to "not knowing anyone with them" or whatever other random thing you would come up with. They are legitimately solid hubs.

  • N_duquette

    6/14/2012 1:07 PM

    i doubt "user error" in my case, i have worked in machine shops most my life and have extensive mechanical know how. what i said wasn't random it's from personal experience. the hub shells seem soft, the bearing seats move, they even sell shims on the profile website because of this.

  • alain

    6/12/2012 2:06 PM

    those huds look sickk, i think that my next new pair of huds!!!