Tree Bikes Stunt Stump Pegs

Tree Bikes Stunt Stump Pegs

Tree Bikes is always on top of the peg game; you can even ask Ryan Nyquist about that. Here's some info on their new Stunt Stumps:

Tree Bikes Stunt Stump Pegs

We have designed and tested steel pegs that are made for hardcore street but they are really lite.

They are internally butted and offset machined to maximize strength to weight. The pegs are thicker on one side so that it saves weight while still having the grind area thickness of pegs that would be 3.5oz more. Anti roll bolts keep the peg in place so that only the thick side is ground on.

We are calling them STUNT STUMPS and they will be 1.375” diameter by 4” long. They weigh 5.4oz/ 150g each and come in Black, White, and Red.

They will be available after thanksgiving.

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