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Stolen Vortex Alloy Bar Ends

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Vortex Alloy Bar Ends s1600_2011STLN_VORTEXPOLISH
C70_s1600_2011stln_vortexpolish C70_2011stln_vortexblue C70_128574320_1262294060 C70_87196270_1262294020 C70_89587030_1262294028 C70_90080810_1262294035 C70_122825160_1262294045 C70_86897470_1262294053

Compare to other Bar Ends

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    “dont buy them”

    The Good: the protect your bars

    The Bad: they near impossible to get it.

    Overall Review: dont buy these. i only got them because the shop i went to doesnt have par ends

    “ok i guess”

    The Good: they looked good with longnecks and did the job

    The Bad: after a while they start to look like crap, but other than that they are awsome

    Overall Review: i loved them at first but then thay started to look like shit after a while and they didnt fit flush with my new grips so i just stick with the plastics.

    “Good Barends”

    The Good: Strong and look great.

    The Bad: Mine are heaps scratched and they weigh a fair bit.

    Overall Review: They are good barends, I don't run them anymore as they had a fair bit of weight in them and they don't flush with my Animal Edwin grips. I use the Edwin barends now (Much lighter)

    “Legit Barends”

    The Good: Strong and durable pretty cool looking.

    The Bad: They Scratch Bad after a while but I sorta guessed that cuz they are bar ends.

    Overall Review: These are great bar ends I love them. A must Have!


    Materials Alloy end, Elastomer plug
    Colors Anodized Black, Gold, Red
    Painted Gang Green, Neon Orange or White


    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website