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2012 Kink Curb Bike

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
2012 Kink Curb Bike Curb_MatteBlack
C70_curb_matteblack C70_curb_mattered C70_curb_mattepurple

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“Bad dont get it”

The Good: It's affordable

The Bad: The forks bend in about3 months the bottom brackets are crap the grips don't ever get soft pedals r medal cranks loosen every 5 min the hubs loosen every day

Overall Review:

I wouldn't get it.if u r really set on it have it only as a begginer bike but when u move to tricks even slightly hard like 360 get a new bike or ur only other option is to build it up slowly so eventually the bike is actually good so if u want a bike without spending 400$... Tough shit!! U will have to put so much work into it and replace so many parts u will propably spend way over 400$ anyway so just get more money to buy a bike that's good

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“Not recomended”

The Good: The pedals are metal which are pretty good

The Bad: Chain sucks just like the handle bars and the grips

Overall Review:

I would not even consider this a good bmx. It is for beginners. Or a simple ten year old. My friend has this bike and it is horrible. The chain has started to rust in less then a year and the handle bars are horrific. Simply this bike is for a ten year old. The grips slide off easily! The stem russets in less then 6 months. This bike is not recomended

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“Decent bike”

The Good: Frame Forks Seat Clamp

The Bad: I bought a frame fork and seatclamp combo all are great!

Overall Review:

I got a frame, fork, and seat clamp combo off of ebay for 20$. Whatta deal! To the people who are complaining about breaking this frame, yours must have been messed up, I do 8 sets all the time. This is my spare bike but its still decent. Its still hi-ten steel sh*t, but I'd say its pretty strong. the forks are decent, but i bent the right dropout when i got pissed and aaron rossed (lol) my bike. I later beat the shit out of it with a hammer and fixed it tho and has been fine eversince. the seatclamp is a seatclamp its hard to f*ck up a seatclamp, it works fine and looks cool.

From the parts I got, I'd have to rate it a 5.

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“2012 kink curb!good for beginners”

The Good: a bit light , 25lb only$250,

The Bad: rims are terrible.. have rode bike for about 7 weeks now and both front and bck rims are bent a lil.. at first the stem slips but after i tightened it up its fine. bars are pretty small too . basically good for a beginner.

Overall Review: its an okay bike for only being $250 dollars. would recommend for beginners

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“''kink curb''”

The Good: Strong frame pretty light cheap......

The Bad: stem slips, bars are small, tires are skinny, seat is plastic , unsealed BB, single wall rims, forks and bars bend easy, standard headset

Overall Review: This bike brakes very easy

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“Great when fixed up”

The Good: The weight The Seat is plastic

The Bad: Fork bends Bars snap headset breaks Stem slips

Overall Review: I put in about $175 more, its now 22.5lbs and it rides great and looks cool. Good to buy and fix up. It is crappy sotck, but when you fix it up its good. For the 550 total, its a great investment

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“An OK Bike”

The Good: it holds up well, the wheels are good, the grips last a while, its not too heavy.

The Bad: the seat is plastic and not pivitol, You hear a loud clank noise coming from the cranks idk what thats about. the tires pop easily. The grips do not feel good.

Overall Review: So i bought this bike about 3 months ago and its holding pretty well. I changed the pedals to animal hamilton pc pedals i didnt have to the pedals were just a bit small for my feet. The grips are pretty grippy not the best grips but they last. So overall this bike is ok for beginners if youre a hard rider then this bike will break easily.

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“Good Beginner Bike”

The Good: This Bike is a good bike to start out with for the money

The Bad: the grips suck the bars suck the forks suck the tires suck the headset sucks the BB sucks

Overall Review: pretty much the best part of this bike is the frames and wheels

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“Good Bike, for me its the best bike...”

The Good: Everything is good, good starter bike. And its very light compared to a 40 pound shot mongoose,

The Bad: The grips got dented in the delivery and the seat is plastic.

Overall Review: Pretty much the best bike i rode in my life! :D

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“ummmm? its good but bad!”

The Good: the Good.....everything is solid but a couple of things!

The Bad: The Bad.....well the grips suck they slide off super easily and the cranks aren't worth a crap after about 4 weeks i had my bike the cranks started skipping pedals and making a loud Clank or Popping noise and the cranks u can not tight them what so ever!! so and the pedals are medal and they are OK

Overall Review: buy at your own risk! i like it but the cranks will mess with you!

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Model Year 2012
Frame 100% HiTen Steel 20" TT 13.75" CS
    Top Tube Length
    Chainstay Length
    Head Tube Angle
    Seat Tube Angle
    Standover Height
    BB Height
Fork Kink Volte
Handlebar Kink 7.75" Midtown Bars
Stem Mission Junction Stem
Grips Mission Helix Grips
Bar Ends Mission Push-in Barends
Headset Standard 1 1/8" Threadless Headset
Cranks 100% 4130 Chromoly 170mm Tubular 3-piece 8-Spline
Sprocket Kink 25t Decimal Sprocket
Bottom Bracket Unsealed American 19mm
Pedals Alloy Platform Pedals
Chain KMC Z410 Chain
Driver/Freewheel Misson Function Alloy Cassette with 9T Driver
Front Rim Alienation PBR
Rear Rim Alienation PBR
Front Hub Mission Alloy Unsealed 3/8’s Axle
Rear Hub Mission Function Alloy Unsealed Cassette 14mm
Front Tire Wanda 2.125”
Rear Tire Wanda 2.125”
Spokes 14g Black
Seat Mission 1pc Combo Seat
Seatpost Mission 1pc Combo Seat
Seatpost Clamp Mission Slim Seat Clamp
Brakes 990 U-Brakes
Brake Levers Two Finger Alloy
Detangler N/A
Cable Mission Linear Cable
Pegs 2 Steel Pegs
Colors Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte Purple

25 lb 6 oz (11.5 kg)

Price $249.99
More Info Kink website