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2012 Kink Gap Bike

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2012 Kink Gap Bike Gap_WinterGrey
C70_gap_wintergrey C70_gap_cadetblue C70_gap_glossblack

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    “Excellent bike”

    The Good: The parts last pretty long on it

    The Bad: Grips go out fast the front wheel don't last and the back rim breaks easly, the brake cable sucks on it

    Overall Review:

    I've had this bike since it came out and I must say it is one tough bike that can stand a beating. The hubs are good on it just the rims go out pretty quick I had to get my back rim replace because it broke on me and I was never a huge fan of unsealed bearings and the cable for the brakes could be improved more but overall it's a great bike still running strong with me!

    “Pretty Good”

    The Good: It's reasonably priced, the parts aren't great, but they work with no problems, which is what really matters.

    The Bad: The grips suck, the chain sucks, the fork bolt sucks, but those are easy to replace. I got it in a stupid color (Cadet Blue) but that's my fault lol

    Overall Review: I'd say it's not a bad idea to get this if you're a beginner.

    “Fully sick awesome”

    The Good: I love how light the bike is, and it is a great price, for what it is.

    The Bad: The seat sticks up your bumhole, and the grips feel like a an ancient egyptians erect penis

    Overall Review: I think it is a dope bike, and a great price. There are only a couple things id change on it.

    “Absolutely love it”

    The Good: Sweeeet paint, sealed cassette, pivotal PADDED seat, nice looking hubs, Kenda Kontact tires.

    The Bad: Stem (See Overall Review) Cranks sometimes make a popping noise but i hear that's normal. (no biggie)

    Overall Review: When you first get it, the stem just won't quite hold the handlebars in place so that they move either foward or backward when you land pretty much anything, HERE'S WHAT YOU DO, take off the bars and the front of the stem and lightly sand the paint off of the knurled part of the bars where the stem grips it and do the same for the inside halves of the stem. Once you've done that, make sure you take a wet paper towel or something of that sort and wipe off all the paint shavings from where you sanded then dry it. When you tighten the stem up make sure you use the "X" pattern to evenly distribute the pressure. Haven't had any problems since i did that. Everything else on the bike is good but the cranks make a slight popping noise sometimes but no big deal at all and people say that's common. Also just a reference I'm 5"11 and the size fits me perfectly. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5. (GET THIS BIKE)

    “Sicck Ass F(:ck”

    The Good: It's Light, Strong, Holds Up Great Annd Looks DOPE !

    The Bad: Nothing Really, Except the Grips, And the Price. I Wennt to go buy this Bike at the The Local Shop And it came Ouut to be $400 ? : / Annyone Else Pay This Mucch ? I didnnt Knnow they were gnna add Like 30 somthin' plus tax !

    Overall Review: Overall, I Love this Bike ! I Dnnt Regret Gettinnng It. I Ride "Odi" grips On It now ;D Looks Siccck ! I Recommennd It to Anny Rideer !

    “stem problems?”

    The Good: this bike is great looking, smooth to ride and highly recomended for a first bike.

    The Bad: the bars are quite small, the reason they move is because the paint comes of where the stem is, but after the paint has came off, it shuld hold well. the paint work isnt too good, it chips rarther easily.

    Overall Review: good bike 8/10 smooth to ride, good cranks, a great bike for the starters :D

    “Pedals anyone?”

    The Good: This bikes solid, i work at a bike shop and everyone is in love with it, weve sold three or four so far with no problems after they left the shop...

    The Bad: Before they left the shope one bike had bad brake pads, they didnt grip the wheel at all. We switched them out for clear odyssey pads and it was perfect. Second issue. Almost all the kinks this year have been Coming with pre bent left pedals.

    Overall Review: Solid bike. Minor issues that most shops should take care of before you ever see them.


    Model Year 2012
    Frame 20.5" TT 13.75" CS 4130 Chromoly HT, TT and DT
        Top Tube Length
        Chainstay Length
        Head Tube Angle
        Seat Tube Angle
        Standover Height
        BB Height
    Fork Kink Volte
    Handlebar Kink Uptown 8”
    Stem Mission Converge
    Grips Mission Helix
    Bar Ends Mission Phase
    Headset Mission Integrated Sealed Headset
    Cranks 100% 4130 Mission Transit 3pc 175mm 8-Spline
    Sprocket Kink 25T Decimal
    Bottom Bracket Mission Sealed 19mm Spanish
    Pedals Mission Momentum Aluminum Pedals
    Chain KMC Z410
    Driver/Freewheel Mission 9T Sealed
    Front Rim Alienation PBR
    Rear Rim Alienation PBR
    Front Hub Mission Echo Unsealed 3/8’s Axle
    Rear Hub Mission Response Sealed Cassette 14mm
    Front Tire Kenda Kontact 2.25”
    Rear Tire Kenda Kontact 1.95”
    Spokes 14g Black
    Seat Kink Esoteric Pivotal
    Seatpost Mission Pivotal
    Seatpost Clamp Mission Slim Clamp
    Brakes 990 U-Brakes
    Brake Levers Two Finger Alloy
    Detangler N/A
    Cable Mission Linear Cable
    Pegs 2 Steel Pegs
    Colors Grey,. Blue. Black

    25 lb 13 oz (11.7 kg)

    Price $349.99
    More Info Kink website