2012 Kink Liberty Bike

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2012 Kink Liberty Bike Liberty_DuskBlack

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    “A great bike for the price.”

    The Good: All the parts are pretty much sturdy and solid. My friend basically handed me every single part off of it as he changed his bike over time. He finally had only the frame and I took that as well which I'm running now cause I sold all the other parts. The parts can sure take a good beating and still go strong.

    The Bad: The Kenda Kontact tires lasted a while but as they wore down, I started getting flats every couple weeks. The hubs were fine except the axles were a bit weak. The front axle bent after a few smiths and both axles started stripping a little but maybe it's just my fault.

    Overall Review:

    Pretty good bike for the price if you just wanna change a few optional things.

    “Killer complete”

    The Good: Frame, bars, sealed bearings, sturdy cranks, rims, looks and feels smooth and light

    The Bad: Stem and Kenda Kontact tires

    Overall Review:

    Good complete from a legit company.

    Stem and tires suck, but they can be replaced, so no biggy!

    Recommended complete

    “i like it.”

    The Good: nice and light. holds up alright. back wheel is good. and the best part of the bike is THE CRANKS! i love these cranks. solid as fuck. and nice and long. makes me FEEL like im ridin 23-9 seriously, these cranks are indestructible. -also, the stem is fantastic. if you just take time and dont be a pussy and tighten the stem good enough it'll never slip or shift or anything. i have sputnic skyline bars and i havent had to move em forward or back ever! the only time i did so was when i painted them black but yeahh...

    The Bad: -snapped the front axle and bent the dropout on my FIRST EVER smith attempt. i literally went up to a 1 1/2 ft. box and fell face first onto hot ass cement. -also the frames dropouts dont handle grinds too well. the dropouts slip every time i try to feeble, or icepick. same with stalls. -*sigh* kontacts...enough said >.>

    Overall Review: i have the 2011 version (same thing just comes with odyssey twisteds) and it held up till i started to actually throw shit. i need a new frame and front wheel but im gettin a front wheel in like a week (vandero2 laced to shadow orbis. white/black/white) and the frame is good for starting to learn grinds. overall you should get this bike if youre a beginner. but you might want to save up for a new pair of bars, pedals, wheelset, and frame for when you get to the intermediate level.

    “Pretty good”

    The Good: -Frame -Bars -Rims -Seat -Weight

    The Bad: -Bottom Bracket -Cranks -The pegs that come with (but whateva) -Tires (kenda)

    Overall Review: Great lightweight stock bike for starting out, but also very good for the advanced rider if some parts are swapped. I have one and I put on a new bb, grips, back tire, cranks, and still saving for a new stem and forks. I personally love this bike and think that it was worth it.

    “Kink liberty(2010) for me but similar i think?”

    The Good: i have the 2010 liberty and the only good things are The frame,hub,rims,seat,post,chain

    The Bad: forks,headset,stem,bars,sprocket(bent really easily and snapped some teeth first day had it)

    Overall Review: i like the frame thats about it,the rims are pretty solid as well they last longer then my odyssey hazard rim and hub so thats probs about it

    “good frame”

    The Good: i only have the frame and its a really nice frame love to color its light and havent had any problems with it yet

    The Bad: the paint chips easily

    Overall Review: good frame id recomend it

    “ITS OKAY!!!”

    The Good: light bike nice rims+hubs

    The Bad: horrid color bad grips kenda tires smallbars thin chainwheel bad brakes weak stem

    Overall Review: i dont reccomend it at all overall value:200$
    Overall Review: i dont reccomend it at all overall value:200$


    Model Year 2012
    Frame 100% 4130 Chromoly 20.5" TT 13.75" CS
        Top Tube Length
        Chainstay Length
        Head Tube Angle
        Seat Tube Angle
        Standover Height
        BB Height
    Fork Kink Strife Fork 100% Chromoly Steerer Tube w/ Tapered Legs
    Handlebar Kink 8" Uptown Bars
    Stem Mission Converge
    Grips Kink Alpha Grips
    Bar Ends Kink Drive Barends
    Headset Mission Integrated Sealed Headset
    Cranks 100% 4130 Mission Transit 3pc 175mm 8-Spline
    Sprocket Kink Decimal 25T 6061
    Bottom Bracket Mission Sealed Mid BB
    Pedals Mission Impulse PC Pedals
    Chain KMC 510HX Dropbuster
    Driver/Freewheel Mission 9T Sealed
    Front Rim Alienation Black Sheep
    Rear Rim Alienation Black Sheep
    Front Hub Mission Echo Sealed 3/8’s Axle
    Rear Hub Mission React Sealed Cassette 14mm
    Front Tire Kenda Kontact 2.25”
    Rear Tire Kenda Kontact 2.25”
    Spokes 14g Black
    Seat Kink Esoteric Pivotal
    Seatpost Mission Pivotal
    Seatpost Clamp Slim Seat Clamp
    Brakes N/A
    Brake Levers N/A
    Detangler N/A
    Cable N/A
    Pegs 4 Steel Pegs
    Colors Dusk Black

    24 lb 3 oz (11.0 kg)

    Miscellaneous Toptube Length: 20.5″ Chainstay Length: 13.75” BB Height: 11.75” Headtube Angle: 75° Seattube Angle: 71°
    Price $439.99
    More Info Kink website