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2011 Stolen Cheater Built Kit Bike (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
2011 Stolen Cheater Built Kit Bike 2011STLNcheaterkitgreen
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    “Stoked on the kit”

    The Good: It decently lightwieight, super easy to build and looks awesome. With my Tree Lil Buddy frame, it came out to 23lbs even. Everything went together with no problems at all, and the bike feels solid as a rock. The color is perfect, in some pictures it looks anodized (I got the green), but its a perfect gloss lime color. A similar buildout on dans comp was over 1000 bucks to shave only 3/4 of a lb or so. Get this kit!

    The Bad: The bars are huuuuge.

    Overall Review: A decent mix of parts that makes it easy to make a bike look good without breaking the bank. Take a look at it here http://www.vitalbmx.com/forums/Bike-Checks,27/Woodgrain-and-lime-Tree-lil-buddy-lovin,1256252

    “Great Value”

    The Good: Great parts for cheap. Unlike other parts kit, name brand rear hub. The parts are all solid, and from what I hear a lifetime warranty on the cranks is important.

    The Bad: Nothing I have come across yet, maybe generic front hub, but at least the rear is the roulette. Rims are strong, chain is strong but like ever half link stretches. Wish the hubs came in the same color as the grips/crank/rims etc.

    Overall Review: I have to point out Kink Rider For Life missed the point of this kit completely. Most bike companies that make complete bikes, and frames, make the frames higher quality than the frames on the completes. Cult get's their complete bike frames from mass manufacturers in Asia, as do most other companies, but Cult hand makes their other frames in the USA, which is why if you built a cult bike with all the same parts of the complete out of a frame only start it would cost more. So go ahead, buy your complete and miss out on the benefits of having complete control over your parts. I haven't bought a complete in over ten years. I build every frame i buy from ground up. That would be two Angels of Death, two Bar Codes, a sunday Funday, and as soon as it ships my new BoneDeth. Each bike cost roughly twice what buying a complete would have cost, but I have never cracked a frame on my customs, or really broken a part. Now the clever amonst you are going to point out that buying a parts package means you don't get to hand pick your parts. Sure, but it's a great way to make a high quality frame cheap to ride in the immediate and you can swap parts as they go, or like I am doing, sell the parts you don't want, (Fork, Stem, Bars) and put that money towards what you do want, (Pitchforks, Bottleneck, and T-1's). I did the math, to buy this and swap out the important parts I save three hundred bucks over buying all the parts seperate, (I found this kit, one year previous with Odyssey Tires, for $350 online brand new, it's cheaper than that in other colors). Even paying to replace parts I don't want I save over $150 compared to what I'd pay to buy every part seperately. So I'm not sure how I would be better off buying a complete bike. A worse frame with bottom of the barrel parts? No thank you. Also it stands to be mentioned that every bike I have ever built has cost more than $1000, except this bonedeth with hand picked parts will come to less than $700, so I wish this package was available a lot sooner. Stolen makes decent parts. I don't see how you can loose. Don't listen to the other kid, this is a great way to start out on a custom path that makes BMX a much more enjoyable sport, makes you a much more unique rider, and really allows you complete control and trust in your equipment. I have always kind of thumbed my nose at those of us who ride completes. When i rode completes I couldn't wait to get my first job and be able to start buying parts to build a custom. Maybe buying a new bike every year or so is the path you want to choose. Or maybe weekly trips to your local shop to fix little things that your favorite bike company decided to cheap out on while making your tawainese bike is something you're into. By all means, if that craps for you than have at it. Also, Kink rider, your reviews are crap. Don't give something one star because a price isn't listed. Don't review parts as bad because you don't like the company. People like you should not be allowed to review. Try to stick to products you actually know about.

    “have the stolen cheater”

    The Good: good parts and crank has lifetime warranty

    The Bad: grips aren't very good

    Overall Review: i dont have it i have the stolen cheater complete and i love it i would recommend it


    Model Year 2011
    Frame N/A
        Top Tube Length
        Chainstay Length
        Head Tube Angle
        Seat Tube Angle
        Standover Height
        BB Height
    Fork STLN Vortex OE, 100% Taper Leg Chromoly
    Handlebar Stolen Cell Bar 8.25" tall 28" wide
    Stem Stolen Clutch, 50mm
    Grips Stolen Money
    Bar Ends Stolen Alloy Barplugz
    Headset STLN Sealed Integrated, Campy
    Cranks Stolen 3-pc. Team Cranks, Tubular heat-treated Cr-Mo, 175mm
    Sprocket STLN Mood Ring OE 22t, 6061 alloy
    Bottom Bracket Sealed Bearing, MID
    Pedals Stolen Thermalite w/ Chromoly Axle
    Chain Stolen Shackle 1/2 Link
    Driver/Freewheel 8t Chromoly driver w/ bushing
    Front Rim 36h / STLN Roulette OE
    Rear Rim 36h / STLN Roulette OE
    Front Hub 36h, Sealed, 3/8 axle
    Rear Hub 36h, Stolen Roulette cassette, 14mm axle
    Front Tire Stolen / Tioga FS100 2.25"
    Rear Tire Stolen / Tioga FS100 2.25"
    Seat Stolen Pivotal PC-Boss
    Seatpost Stolen Thermalite
    Seatpost Clamp STLN Choker OE
    Brakes N/A
    Brake Levers N/A
    Detangler N/A
    Pegs N/A
    Colors Black, Gang Green, or Neon Orange

    18 lb 10 oz (8.4 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website