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2013 Verde Prism (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
2013 Verde Prism  verde-prism-2013-bmx-bike black
C70_verde_prism_2013_bmx_bike_black C70_verde_prism_2013_bmx_bike_blue C70_verde_prism_2013_bmx_bike_orange

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    “Pretty good - Only a few Problems”

    The Good: Frame, Fork, Handlebars, Cranks and Sprocket, Rims and Spokes, Stem, Tires, and Chain

    The Bad: Grips, Brakes, Pedals, Hubs, and Bottom Bracket

    Overall Review:

    Right out of the box it worked like a charm. Nothing was loose or anything like that. The wheels spun for a really long time and the grips were somewhat soft. I have been riding for over a year with this bike, and the main parts like the handlebars and frame are really sweet. First of all, the handlebars are really wide. I cut mine down by an inch on either side in 5 minutes and that worked really well. The fork is normal stock but it holds up really well to my constant abuse. The frame is pretty great. It has never snapped at all and is fairly light. The rear end is a bit heavy, but for real riders it doesn't make a difference. For me, I value a strong bike over a few ounces. I feel safe on the Prism. The tires are mainstream street and work fine unless you rider trails like I do. I made a $30 dollar switch to Alienation Differential tires. The cranks and sprocket are pretty normal, nothing fancy yet nothing bad. I dubbed the sprocket sprockybalboa - from animal's old sprocket - because it held up to all the grease that they slather the chain in. Moving onto the chain, it is normal, but the only problem i had with it is that it is covered in 1 ounce of dirty grease. At lease mine was when I got it from the local bike shop. They might have done that, but I solved it in 10 minutes with some water and an old toothbrush. Finally, I flipped the stem over and it is holding up just fine. It has a hollow middle section which makes it surprisingly light and strong. Now for the problems I had with this bike. Because I ride trails, I take a lot of impacts. Hard ones. After 6 months my right platform pedal snapped in two, throwing me off the bike. Pedals aren't cheap these days, but I quickly got some new ones for not a bad price. ($30, Premium Slims) The grips work well with gloves but everyday riding causes calluses. I replaced mine after 9 months with ODI Longnecks. The bottom bracket after a year of riding is getting worn, but as expected. I am going to replace mine soon. ($20) The brakes didn't work as well as I hoped they would, but for the normal rider they hold up just fine. Last and most important is the hubs. I bent my front hub axle with a couple hard impacts. And all that pedaling for a year with the back hub killed it. I ride a 2012 model, but the 2013 model doesn't change things. The hubs will stand up for the normal street/park rider. For all the abuse that I made on them, they held up for a year.

    Overall, this bike is pretty good. I would recommend it to someone who is looking to upgrade in the far future, and for the recreational rider. 80 % of this bike I agree with. The other 20% I didn't think suited the way that I ride. Remember that different riding styles have different requirements. This is a pretty good bike.

    “Il est génial”

    The Good: il est super léger , super beau il y a rien a dire. Est les autres commentaires je les trouves faut , ce n'est pas les commentaires que je mettrait pour ce type de bmx. Croyait moi , je m'y connait.

    The Bad: rien a dire.

    Overall Review: Je dit pareil que pour le good , il est génialisime !!!!!!! je vous le conseil vivement. Je suis pas decus de' mon achat pour ce bmx , il y a juste le delais de livraison qui a était d'une semaine au lieu de 3 jours mais ça c'est autre chose.

    “My bike, my review”

    The Good: The bike looks great. The workmanship is very good compared to other brands I looked at. The geometry is is spot-on and I love how it feels to ride.

    The Bad: For the cost, it can't be compared to a $700 bike like a lot of people want to do on Vital.

    Overall Review: I don't get the complaint about weight. It is the lightest $370 I could find for 2012. It's not heavy at all. Anyone saying it's heavy is high. The headset is sealed bearing and works awesome. I couldn't be happier with this bike and I'll buy another Verde someday.


    The Good: -Loud hub noise -Light pc pedals/seat -VERY nice color -Really everthing

    The Bad: -Handle bars seem a little crooked with no way to fix -Handle grips wear fast -Hard to find matching bars or forks in matte gray

    Overall Review: This bike is awesome ive had it fr about a week now and it rides amazing much better than the 2011, use the extra money to get this instead of a eon much better tires and rims. I would rate this as an intermediate bike. 8/10


    Model Year 2013
    Frame Chromoly downtube
        Top Tube Length
        Chainstay Length
        Head Tube Angle
        Seat Tube Angle
        Standover Height
        BB Height
    Fork Chromoly steerer tube
    Handlebar 1020 hi-ten construction with 8.1" rise
    Stem Aluminum front load with side cut-outs, black
    Grips DUO Doyle, color-matched
    Bar Ends DUO Resilite
    Headset Sealed integrated bearings with replaceable cups
    Cranks Heat-treated 3-piece tubular chromoly, 170mm
    Sprocket Verde 25 tooth, steel
    Bottom Bracket Sealed mid BB, 19mm
    Pedals Plastic, new design
    Chain Taya 410, black
    Driver/Freewheel 9T driver
    Front Rim Cinema 333, single wall, color anodized
    Rear Rim Cinema 333, single wall, color anodized
    Front Hub 3/8" axle with loose ball bearings
    Rear Hub 14mm axle with semi-sealed 9 tooth driver
    Front Tire DUO SVS 2.25"
    Rear Tire DUO SVS 2.25"
    Spokes Black with black nipples
    Seat 2-piece injection molded plastic seat
    Seatpost 2-piece injection molded plastic seat
    Seatpost Clamp Integrated
    Brakes U-brake with soft compound pads
    Brake Levers Aluminum lever with Resilite clamping area
    Detangler N/A
    Cable Standard, black
    Pegs N/A
    Colors Blue, Black, Orange

    25 lb 8 oz (11.6 kg)

    Price $369.99
    More Info Verde website