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Colony Bottom Bracket

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
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    “all these kids are dumb.”

    The Good: looks rad its a bb you cant do much wrong.

    The Bad: idiot kids are to lazy to get bearing lube and greese their spindle.

    Overall Review: get bearing lube with all bb kits all bearings dryout and skweek

    “colony bottom bracket”

    The Good: colours of the cones

    The Bad: creeks and squekes

    Overall Review: i put this in my frame couple weeks later it started to creek and kept on screeking till eventualy i couldnt stand it no more and bought a new bb. fucking crap bb tbh but i love the cones

    “Colony Bottom Bracket”

    The Good: The color choices are nice to have and the cone spacers are machined and look damn good. Everything fit together nicely and install was very simple and straight forward.

    The Bad: The bottom bracket began squeaking 3 days after I put it into the frame. So I removed everything to check the grease in the bearings and there was very little. After re-greasing with lithium I re-Installed the BB into the frame. 2 hours later the squeak returned... I then decided it may not be the BB so I decided it was time for pedals and cranks anyways and ordered a set of fly pedals, a shadow chain and profile cranks. Everything went together smoothly but the squeaking continued. A few people have told me that a BB will squeak when its new... but Ive ridden a profile, primo and demolition BBs and I have never ran into this problem before.

    Overall Review: Im not sure if mine was just a bad set or what but there is something wrong. Visually they are pleasing but I will not be buying a colony BB again.


    Bearing Size/Style MID & Spanish style available. Available in 19mm & 22mm sizes.
    Colors Purple, Black, Red, Blue & Polished


    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website