Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket

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Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket 2010STLNrevolverbbwhite
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    “Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket”

    The Good:

    this bottom bracket is super smooth and looks great. The best thing about it is smoothness of it, i personally think i was one of the smoothest BBs I've ever had. It looks amazing too and the CNC machined spacers are super lite.

    The Bad:

    the only bad thing i can only think of it that is doesn't come in 19mm so if you got some Twombolts or other 22mm cranks you can't have then witch is a shame

    Overall Review:

    over all i think this i a really good buy and i would suggest it to anyone with 19mm cranks. the only reason mine isn't on my bike is i got the mid size and i got a new frame witch has a Spanish bottom bracket.

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    Vital BMX member Ben_Holland
    80056 Ben_Holland,80056/all 05/30/11 1 177 7,80056/setup 84 712 68 15 13

    “SWEET PART!!!!”

    The Good:

    i love these baring there so smooth i own a pair and there like the best thing that has ever happened to my bike i can wait for there to be another bb kit to come out so i can get it

    The Bad:

    nothing that i can really think out

    Overall Review:

    rides smooth and makes my bike if your looking for top quality i would not go any father

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    Vital BMX member hothandz78
    80040 hothandz78,80040/all 05/29/11 6 9 3


    Product Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket
    Riding Type
    Type MID Sealed R12RS ED Black (x2)
    Weight 0 lb 5.7 oz (163 g)
    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website