Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket

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Stolen Revolver Bottom Bracket 2010STLNrevolverbbwhite
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    “not going to use again”

    The Good: the bearings and the spacer and really good, extremely easy to install and hardy!

    The Bad: the cone spacers have got to be the worst ever, especially with the white ones (like me) with the small holes they are so bloody hard to clean. and look stupid in white.

    Overall Review:

    if you use other spacers with this then it could be the best in the world. only the cone spacers are bad.

    “good value...”

    The Good: looks good, plenty of spacers, spins decent after you break them in, cheap, holds up pretty well

    The Bad: pain in the butt to install, spins like crap at first, the inner piece was a little short, it was a pain to get dialed in

    Overall Review:

    over all pretty good, i haven't had it long but it seems to hold up but you get what you pay for

    “Good BB for what it's worth”

    The Good: Long lasting (For What It's Worth) Alright look Cheap Comes In black

    The Bad: you get what you pay for doesn't like water at all comes with shit lube Wish it had a cleaner look

    Overall Review:

    Was a good Spanish BB and lasted me a couple of months, and it was pretty cheap too.

    now going back to the beautiful PRIMO BB which always lasts me years. over all if you need a cheap and good BB that you can use if you are a light rider you should choose this one, but if you are an aggressive rider go for something else unless you only need something to last a few months

    Hope you enjoy.

    “Classy and tough.”

    The Good: They rotate great and feel solid.

    The Bad: I have zero complaints.

    Overall Review:

    These are done right and at the right price. I have had two of them (different frames) and neither gave me issues. I gotta say if you want a deal with quality buy this.


    The Good: spin good, look good, dont sqeak

    The Bad: on my S&M frame i had to use the included spacer and two of the small ones to get them snug internally but thats because of how the frame was built no biggie

    Overall Review: cranks seem excellent and spin very well i guess well have to see how they hold up to the test of time


    The Good: I had my doubts about how long these would last, but wow am i amazed. had them for at least 8 months now, been in 3 different frames, and they still spin incredibly smooth, the funky bearing shell colour is also pretty cool ;D

    The Bad: the outer cover parts don't look that great in my opinion :-P

    Overall Review: Very very good bearings, would recommend them!

    “Great Bottom Bracket”

    The Good: This Bottom Bracket runs super smooth and looks amazing, I got the new Dark Blue Pair myself and I love them.

    The Bad: They only come in 19mm, and they dont have an American Bottom Bracket set, Needs American BB Cups

    Overall Review: I would recommend these to anyone with a Mid BB, but don't purchase it if you have an American BB, because they dont have cups that go with it... overall I love this BB


    Bearing Size/Style MID Sealed R12RS ED Black (x2)
    Colors Black, Gold, Red or Painted White (Dark Blue in the works)

    0 lb 5.7 oz (163 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website