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Odyssey Linear Cable

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Odyssey Linear Cable  Linear Cable

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    “Brakes pretty good”

    The Good: doesnt bind up in the housing, cheap, looks clean

    The Bad: nothing really

    Overall Review: its a brake cable and it works plus odyssey has excellent quality parts, i used it just fine when i had brakes on for a couple days

    “Amazing cable”

    The Good: It is the best Cable Ever, and Soo Cheap

    The Bad: Nothing At all

    Overall Review: I had this cable for about a year, with no problems, what so ever, I stopped riding brakes though, but if i went back to brakes, i would Definetly get one

    “better than all”

    The Good: built to automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards, so the e-brake on your car. yea! LOTSA colors

    The Bad: yes it is hard to cut, good sharp side cutters work good.

    Overall Review: comes a bit long but made to be cut down to fit you needs. great stopping power, pre-stretched, great cable when i put the brake on for djs


    i wanted to get the odyssey linear cable but my local bike shop did not have it so i just got the Animal Illegal Linear cable i had the choice of a black primo linear or purple or red Animal Linears. I chose the Animal it works just as good as the odyssey but the bike shop charged me twenty bucks for the cable and them to put it on. Bummed about that.


    I can't change the stars because it says error on page when i try to but I'd give it four stars because I have had it for 8 months and only problems I've had is that now I can't get the cable to slide smoothly through the outer cable and it takes effort. Before any of this is was beautiful. I also bought an Odyssey monolever and for some reason the matel thing that goes around the outer cable Won't fit into the barrel adjuster? Nobody else has had this problem though so I don't know what's wrong.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Same inner wire as the Slic. Heavy duty Linear housing prevents brakes from locking up when cable is twisted.

    MSRP: $?
    Featured colors: blue and green

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