Odyssey Linear Cable

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Odyssey Linear Cable  Linear Cable
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    very smooth cable and last for a long time, the only thing that happen was the out side cable bend abit by the lever from doing tailwhips, barspins etc, and it snap my inner, but i just put a cable tie on the cable attach to the bars


    ok ive had 2 of these both never broke but the metal caps on the end thats went into the lever kept screwing up and breaking so after alil awhile the cable started to come apart soo i no longer ride breaks and hav'nt for over a 1 yr now and love it sometime lol...


    This housing is great. I dont do barspins but I still have one since if your bars get wraped up after a bail it can cause your stuff to get messed up. So run it for that. This one has lasted me a while and I have had no problems, I have heard of people having problems with it breaking right near the ends. But I have yet to see that in person. So i cant really comment on that.


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    Same inner wire as the Slic. Heavy duty Linear housing prevents brakes from locking up when cable is twisted.

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    Featured colors: blue and green

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