Odyssey Linear Cable

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Odyssey Linear Cable  Linear Cable
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    great line...i got this after snapping my gyro lines 4 time in one month. it is really smooth and gets your brakes dialed!i have a white rim with all of the paint melting off and it still has one hell of a good braking power to it...i love it!

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    Vital BMX member mikey0515
    1297 mikey0515 http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/1297/avatar/c50_1297_45b80ed58c864.jpg?1293017962 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/mikey0515,1297/all 11/07/06 3 6 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/mikey0515,1297/setup 2 3 2 4


    ifyou want dialed brakes, loose spring tension and an odesey lever will make your brakes MINT!!!!

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    Vital BMX member stolen
    1993 stolen http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/1993/avatar/c50_1993_4573ca1ca8dc6.jpg?1293019830 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/stolen,1993/all 12/03/06 1 5


    Really affordable, definately the best out of the linear cables!


    Very nice cable.. Not does ti work very good with its crazy design... But when u turn ur bars a full 360 your brakes work perfect... Its pretty crazy how the did this... I will have to say htough, the only problems I have with them are the little blal on the end of the wires that go into the brake lever, It migh tbe me, but the always come off.. lol... I think its just me... Doesnt seem ot happen to other folks.. I jsu prolly put it in wonrg.. Well this is a really nice cable and would choose no other...

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    Vital BMX member tHi3RrY
    1453 tHi3RrY http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/1453/avatar/c50_1453_464ef5afad960.jpg?1293018461 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/tHi3RrY,1453/all 11/10/06 3 32 4 4 17 3 3 9 6


    i think this is the best cable out there, its normal price and has a super strong outter shell. It's hard to cut through to set up but well worth it, my one will spin four times without locking the brakes at all. I think its as good as the nokon but at a fration of the price. Comes in a load of colours, the cable hasnt ever stretched on me or frayed.

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    Vital BMX member T Jenkinson
    777 T Jenkinson http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/777/avatar/c50_777_455654c21f6df.jpg?1293016672 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/T-Jenkinson,777/all 10/01/06 5 1 1 8 4 1


    I ran this cable back when I had a straight cable, its a great housing. The cable doesnt get any harder to pull until about the 3rd time spinning around the bars.. worth the extra money if you run a straight cable, or even dual brake cables on the bottom

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    Vital BMX member Kurt4413
    885 Kurt4413 http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/885/avatar/c50_130646140_1279375200.jpg?1293016843 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Kurt4413,885/all 10/15/06 20 47 25 6 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Kurt4413,885/setup 11 28 20 86 23 15


    this cable is so smooth. i use to run slic cabels but i went through like 4 a month. i got a linear and im still on my first one.

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    Vital BMX member cdepaolis
    1628 cdepaolis http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/1628/avatar/c50_1628_45db1f0bddaa6.jpg?1293018967 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/cdepaolis,1628/all 11/18/06 43 4 1 4 2


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Same inner wire as the Slic. Heavy duty Linear housing prevents brakes from locking up when cable is twisted.

    MSRP: $?
    Featured colors: blue and green

    Price N/A
    More Info Odyssey website

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