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Odyssey Slic Cable

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Slic Cable  Slic Cable

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“Brilliant design.”

The Good: Two kinds of knarps on one cable? Why the hell doesn't everyone do that?

The Bad: Some people don't know how to cut cables?

Overall Review: Two knarps is just genius... works great, super cheap, super reliable, and works for my dual lower cable routing... swaheet.

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“Lol These People Saying It Was Too Long”

The Good: Its Alright

The Bad: Nothing Really

Overall Review: Lol these people saying it was too long are funny all cables are to long thats why with the cables they send you a paper saying you have to cut them & you should want a slic cable kind of long that way you can do bar spins and tailwhips etc.. without having to pay an extra $8 for a linear

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The Good: long and strong

The Bad: brakes=weight

Overall Review: i used to have the linear on my old haro 03 and it was amazing. it was long enough to do a barspin or tailwhip and not choke up the brakes, but short enough to not sit on the tire. of all cables, the linear edition runs as my number one

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Miscellaneous INFO:
Prestretched inner wire. Teflon lined, tight coil housing. Lug end/gyro lug end(straight). 2 sets of barrel adjusters (gyro/mod).

MSRP: $?
Featured colors: black, red and blue

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