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Odyssey Slic Cable

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Slic Cable  Slic Cable

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    “Brilliant design.”

    The Good: Two kinds of knarps on one cable? Why the hell doesn't everyone do that?

    The Bad: Some people don't know how to cut cables?

    Overall Review: Two knarps is just genius... works great, super cheap, super reliable, and works for my dual lower cable routing... swaheet.

    “Lol These People Saying It Was Too Long”

    The Good: Its Alright

    The Bad: Nothing Really

    Overall Review: Lol these people saying it was too long are funny all cables are to long thats why with the cables they send you a paper saying you have to cut them & you should want a slic cable kind of long that way you can do bar spins and tailwhips etc.. without having to pay an extra $8 for a linear


    The Good: long and strong

    The Bad: brakes=weight

    Overall Review: i used to have the linear on my old haro 03 and it was amazing. it was long enough to do a barspin or tailwhip and not choke up the brakes, but short enough to not sit on the tire. of all cables, the linear edition runs as my number one


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Prestretched inner wire. Teflon lined, tight coil housing. Lug end/gyro lug end(straight). 2 sets of barrel adjusters (gyro/mod).

    MSRP: $?
    Featured colors: black, red and blue

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